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    How is the inverter welding method bathrooms

    Today, welding technology applied in many industrial areas. When conducting maintenance or installation work, as well as in industry and construction welding becomes indispensable. To carry out such activities for a long time used welding machines, which consists of himself welder, current generator, and needed a welding rectifier or transformer.

    Welding in which the welding transformer used with electrodes for a long time had no alternatives. However, in order to meet all the existing requirements, it was necessary to improve and welding technology, which resulted in the creation of new, more sophisticated inverter equipment.

    Inverter welding machines today are the only alternative solution. They have the most advanced technical features and characteristics. For example, the efficiency of such equipment is 95 percent, with a power factor of 0.99. By providing inverter welding has become the most profitable and at the same time capable of providing a high quality of work, both on alternating and direct current.

    With inverter welding machines it has now become possible to apply vanny welding method for reinforcing bar skeletons or in the manufacture of wire mesh. It is this connection method to date has become the most promising in construction. Welding metal parts in Vannes method is due to the use of the overhead of the remaining auxiliary members. They are a one-time inventory ceramic mold or reusable – copper or graphite. These elements are an integral part of the weld joint and subsequently assume part of the load during the construction.

    The technological process of welding bathrooms method using inverter welding equipment, there is a way.

    - Established outside the overlay welded fittings;

    - Elements poured into the cavity of flux;

    - Then introduced welding torch, the wire is fed.

    When welding arc is created which melts flux whereupon arc process is stopped and the wire is gradually transformed into the weld pool of molten flux. The axis of the joint and the direction of gravity is the same, whereby no problem occurs ascent and removing gas bubbles from a metal, light impurities slag that allows interdendritic metal fill voids and provide the highest possible density welding. Inverter welding method is uniformly bathrooms and provides a seamless monolithic structure with no weak areas. The whole process is carried out in a single pass, and which eliminates defect such as slag inclusions, which are possible with the multilayer welding.

    Inverter welding method bathrooms, certainly at times improves the performance of works of the highest quality while significantly reducing labor and production costs.

    Applicable for tasks such equipment works in both the three-phase network 380 in the range from -20% to + 30%, in either single-phase or three-phase network 220 in the same range and up to a minus 10%. Meals can be carried out at a constant voltage of 200-350V or 400-700V. When this equipment is automatic, i.e. there is an automatic selection of the supply voltage and lock operation in the event of invalid parameters.

    For more information about the inverter type welding machines for welding by the method of bathrooms can be found in the specialized literature and the Internet, or in the accompanying technical documentation for this equipment.

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