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    How do I choose Tile?

    Tile – the most primitive and at the same time an essential tool for working with ceramic tile and granite. It can help you make the cutting quality, easy and relatively fast. By what criteria to select Tile? – Let's look at this issue in greater detail.

    How do I choose Tile?

    Electric or manual tile cutter?

    1. Handmade Tile .

    Use tile length, thickness up to 1.5 centimeters. Its design follows:


    There are mechanical, roller Tile and instrument bearings.

    • Roller – namely carbide cutting element is a roller;
    • Mechanical – cut material with the help of a rigid carriage (average thickness of the tile);
    • In bearings – such tools are suitable for cutting tiles very strong (up to 1.6 cm thick). In Tile mild stroke, as there are 2 bearings in the sleeve.

    manual tile Pros:

    • Mobility, light weight (up to 9 kg);
    • To use the Tile do not need to take a whole room or a large table, only a small floor space;
    • Such tools are independent of electricity, economical;
    • They can be used in all weather conditions, even high humidity.

    Functionality . Tile can bite off small pieces from the edge to make an incision through which the tiles break a hand or cut ceramics entirely. Good and additional attachments: for example, rollers and cutters shaped notches, circular cutting elements. For homework is enough mechanical Tile, but for large volumes is recommended to choose electric. Qualitative models have a variety of options to prevent crumbling and chipping, mikroregulyatsiya thickness of the material, measuring range – very useful for the novice masters.

    Material . It is desirable that the mechanism of the body and Tile no plastic parts – such products are less resistant to wear and precise handling is not guaranteed. Tool body must be made of durable metal, check whether it is convenient handle – better to choose rubber products. Tile should not be large, while the optimal length – 35-40 centimeters, otherwise you will simply inconvenient to use.

    The question price . Quite good for low-end models of rare works. If money is an electric tile cutter is not enough, it is better to choose a quality manual: it must be universal (for floor and wall tiles for). Well proven models with bearings – they move more smoothly.

    The main disadvantage of manual tile – limit the length and thickness of the tile. It is unlikely that they can be treated with ceramic tiles or cut thin pieces of tile (chipping and fractures). Much of the work with hand tools you can hardly overpower, but as a tool for the piggy bank DIY – this is what you need!

    2. Electric Tile

    How do I choose Tile?

    It features high accuracy and speed, it is an ideal choice for people who do more work with ceramic tiles or granite.

    Pros Electric tile:

    • You can cut the tiles from different angles;
    • The incision is obtained a clear, smooth, without rough edges;
    • Significant time savings;
    • It is possible to work with tile and granite or stone.

    Tile can divide into two types:

    • With top location of the engine;
    • With bottom location of the motor.

    The engine below . Say at once: for large volumes of such a device is not suitable, but for standard repair amiss. At the small size of the device, it is possible to process the tiles of different thickness, but the quality of the work he gives analogues with upper motor. To tile is not cracked from the heat, models are equipped with water-cooled (in the tank under the engine is a liquid which is fed into the cutting area).

    The engine top . Disc for cutting tile works together with a special water pump, so the lines are as clear and accurate. Such Tile suitable for large-scale works.

    The diameter of the disk and the power . Professional Tile imposing different capacity (up to 2.2 kW) for domestic work is quite possible to choose a simpler model (750-150 watts). The diameter of the disk depends and cutting depth. If the floor tiles can be cut by the majority community, the thick slab or stone – circles with a diameter of 350 mm. Be sure to refer to the log Tile: parameters of the cutting depth and power there indicated. The diameter of the cutter varies from 18 to 20 centimeters.

    Speed ​​. Not important factor, because not every business need more speed. If the appliance is purchased for professional use, it must be equipped with a convenient adjustment system. In fact, the rate of 2-3 thousand revolutions per minute is sufficient for stone and ceramics, but there are powerful models – 4000 idle speed.

    Living Electronics . A good feature is the overload protection (aka thermostat), protection against deliberate start, double insulation, RCD, waterproof housings, seals – is to protect the operator from electric shock. However, many machines are ranked as class 1 and require grounding.

    Table machine . From the size of the frame depends on the dimensions of the tiles and maximum. Sometimes you can expand the working area with additional flaps supported by pillars. Stone-cutting machines can be up to 1.1 meters. The table must be reliable and durable, made of aluminum alloy or steel, fitted with non-slip pads. It will be convenient if the platform is removable.

    Cool . In products with a lower engine tank is under the table, it should be spacious. Well, if the trough is medium in size, so it can be easily removed from the machine. In the machines with the upper engine, water is supplied to the working area by means of a pump, it must stand the filters are good and the nozzle is adjustable. To divert water use technological channels, filters and containers.

    Mobile units . To make the cut at an angle, it is necessary to tilt the propulsion system or the reference platform. Well, if the machine has a fixing intermediate – 22.5 degrees. For treatment was qualitative, the carrier device must be of high quality: bearing steel, aluminum bridges. Welcomes the existence of the adjustment of rolling resistance.

    Among the shortcomings can be attributed Electric tile increased trauma: like it or not, it is a tool that runs on the network, so observe safety can and should be. Such equipment can not work in a room with high humidity, it can not be overloaded.

    With regard to the manufacturers of electric Tile, well established brands Dewalt, Bosch, Ridgig, Defort, Kobalt Tools, Tor Machine and others. Hand Tile: Ruby, Bison, Matrix, Raimondi, Stayer, Sigma, Monolit, Supper Pro Battipav and others.

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