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    Guns PN2A and PN5 - environmentally friendly low-pressure paint sprayers, which are a good tool for the application of any paint from floors, walls, ceilings, railings, radiators to various equipment. They are lightweight, ergonomic, easy to use. The top position of the paint reservoir creates an improved material flow.
    Kraskoraspylitel PN2A (Fig. 1) - is used for coating a variety of paints, is equipped with a universal nozzle needle 6 types of nozzles supplied.
    Kraskoraspylitel PN5 (Fig. 2) is used for special purposes spraying colored paints, paint with wood chips and other materials. The set includes four nozzle and three nozzle. Ergonomically shaped handle is covered with an insulating material with built-in air regulator is further equipped with an aluminum tank for paint formulations 2.5-liter.  

    The main advantages:
    - high speed coloring;
    - versatility - is used with different types of paint formulations;
    - easy tool;
    - ergonomics;
    - operability;
    - durability and reliability in operation.


      PN2A RN5
    The volume of the tank, l 0,7 (1,5) 1,5 (2,5)
    The diameter of the nozzle, mm 0,5-2,0 2,5-8
    Aerial head, mm   12, 0, 15, 0, 16, 5
    The spray material blue, varnish, paint, emulsions, impregnation Materials for impregnation, Wood et al. colored paints, paints with wood chips, cellulose-based materials, plasters
    Weight 0,72 0,98
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