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    Gardening equipment - a reliable assistant in town and country planning

    Now more and more people are engaged in private pleasure garden work – caring for fruit trees, grow flowers, creating Japanese gardens, rock gardens. That they are interested in gardening equipment with which they get excellent results without much effort and time. More recently, gardening equipment was an attribute of professional landscape designers and landscaping enterprises workers.

    Today machinery Garden greatly facilitates the tedious duty of care of a garden plot or dacha, helping to decorate country estate. Works related to gardening and farming, greatly facilitate the efficient, safe, highly reliable and trouble-free items garden equipment. These include a variety of devices for the upgrading of the garden, the suburban area from spring to autumn and even winter, the snow-plows, etc. there.

    Gardening Equipment is indispensable if you want your site has always had a neat appearance, fruit trees and flowers were well-kept, the garden machinery without you can not do.

    Gardening equipment - a reliable assistant in town and country planning

    Forms of garden machinery

    The range of garden machinery, designed to facilitate the work at the site is quite broad, and in fact many novice gardeners can come in utter confusion, if they have no experience in agricultural work. But is it really all kinds of garden machinery necessarily need to buy? Try to understand what is needed for a garden plot, and without which you can and do.

    Mower - support in the form of a neat aesthetic and the entire site or just the garden. With it, the lawn will be trimmed smoothly, nice and fast, and you can always adjust the height of the grass. Cut grass is collected in storage after it can be used for animal feed or pour into a compost pit. Lawn mowers are distinguished on electric and petrol. What you need, is a matter of convenience, and the volume of treatment area.

    Trimmers – they are also called trimmers, since they are attached a long handle on the shoulder of the employee. But from the usual spit and lawnmowers at the trimmer there are radical differences. Where the plot has a hilly terrain and trees and shrubs planted thickly from the mower a little disconcerting. Trimmer also can work even on the hills, even in the hollows, and successfully accomplish its work around the wide shrubs with low branches. Besides price trimmer significantly lower than that of the mower, but you have to collect the grass around the site, and more: trimmer works very noisy.

    Chainsaw - a very useful, but also very dangerous device. Though all saws have a number of protective stops, contours, and so on. D. But can cause serious injury. Choosing a chainsaw for firewood, cutting of trees and dry twigs, pay attention to the chain pitch and the shape of the tool. The smaller the pitch, the more performance from the saw.

    Brush Cutter - not only looks like a chainsaw, but the danger is no less than it is. His long moving blades are used to give the correct form hedges and ornamental shrubs, sometimes they can be used for cutting grass with thick stems. The performance of this instrument is so high that a single movement can be cut several   close-growing bushes.

    Motoblock or mini tractor - a fairly popular device, especially if the kitchen garden or garden plot set aside a large area. This type of garden equipment is popular for more than a decade. Today walk-behind tractor capable of performing the function of the universal device – it can hang and cultivator, and the aerator and mower. If desired, they can be towed cart, saw wood, cultivate the soil solid array or between rows.

    Gardening equipment - a reliable assistant in town and country planning

    Gardening Equipment for winter

    Considering all of the devices to operate at the site can not forget about the winter season, when heavy snowfalls can deliver the site owner is also a lot of hassle. For snow removal, there are a variety of snow tools, plows, etc.

    Dumb snowthrower driven person can be useful where you need to remove a small area of ​​the territory. With it you can easily cope even on icy areas, with well-trampled snow. Self-propelled snow blowers or snow machines are more suited to handle snow drifts. They can be easily cleaned from the snow local area and a large portion of a country.

    Which is better: electric or gasoline garden machines?

    To be fair to say that their pros and cons, and has electrical and motor vehicles. The main advantage of the electrical equipment for the garden – it is compact, light weight, high reliability. The device it easier than in motor vehicles and parts is less, which means less chance of failure. An important argument in favor of electrical engineering is the fact that electricity is spent for the same unit of time and the power will be cheaper than the cost of   the amount of gasoline used in the same time. That is, it is safe to say that electric tools are more economical, especially noticeable in long-term operation of the device in large areas.

    By cons of electric instruments can be attributed to the attachment to the power supply, which undoubtedly limits the movement of the working area. In addition, when working is necessary to be careful that the cord does not come under the knife trimmer or other object technology. Power should not be operated in the rain, as the impact of moisture on the power tools may cause a short-circuit it.

    It should be noted that motor vehicles has a clear advantage – autonomy, it can work anywhere, because the power supply, it is not tied in any way, it does not affect its work and weather conditions. However, its reliability is lower than electrical engineering, it is difficult to manage and use, produces a lot of noise, too expensive to maintain, repair.

    Gardening equipment - a reliable assistant in town and country planning

    Maintenance and storage of garden tools

    Regardless of destination, all the equipment requires proper care, competent operation and storage. Worth recalling that maintenance work should be carried out after the completion of work on the site, and is not important, how much time you use the device – all day or five minutes. The fact that almost all garden equipment anyhow in contact with plants, soil, snow, i.e. with moisture. Furthermore, depending on the type of soil or plant cultivars moist medium can be weakly alkaline or weakly acidic, which contributes to the corrosion of metal parts of equipment.

    Manufacturers of garden equipment used metal alloys, largely resist corrosion, but also must be stored in the tool clean and dry, in a closed room, which also significantly prolongs its life. This rule is especially important for electrical engineering. Moisture inside can not just bring it down, but hurt electrocution person. To avoid the accumulation of gasoline vapor, technicians working on internal combustion engines must be stored in a well ventilated area. For long-term storage in the winter, the technique should preserve. Before that, all the instruments are well cleaned of any pollution, grease with engine oil. It is best to idle period, all the apparatus for processing a garden store in the room (shed, garage, utility rooms).

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