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    garden tools

    Many, hoping to get away from the bustle of the city and closer to the roots, get home and garden plots. In order to refine the structure of the territory of the country, they buy a special garden tools. It facilitates a lot of different jobs in the area, keeps health and reduces the time required. Properly selected equipment will save your time and energy, will transform everyday work in the suburban area a pleasure. Working gardening equipment should be easy, convenient and safe. Select the required equipment should be based on land area and the number of green spaces there.

    Garden tools is considered to be an indispensable tool for working in the garden. Its presence is required to work in the garden or on the ground. Gardening Equipment can be manual, mechanized and automated. Hand tools used primarily to carry a small amount of work in a small area. There are large and small gardening tools. Larger models are shovels, pitchforks, scythes, brush cutters, clippers. For small tools include pruners, hoes, knives and sickles. For a large portion of it is advisable to buy garden tools mechanized or automated. Automated garden equipment used to perform complex tasks and a large amount of work. Gasoline tools are characterized by autonomy and power, they are usually very bulky. Electric models are less productive, but they are eco-friendly and easy.

    The appointment of garden tools

    The modern market offers a huge selection of garden tools, it is such a variety causes some confusion and sometimes mistrust. All garden tools is very different from each other. It depends on the nature of the work, which are held   on the plot. Garden tools used to:

    • cultivation and processing of the soil surface. This category represents the forks, spades, hoes, hoes, cultivators and other   tools.
    • cutting. The list of equipment are included in this category hacksaw, scissors, pruners, shears, knives. They help   to care for the site.
    • Glaze. This group includes hoses, sprinklers,   watering cans, sprayers.

    Garden tools for working with the ground

    The most common type of garden tools for working with the land is considered to be, of course, a shovel. The shovel is used for digging earth and small holes for planting trees and shrubs. On small plots application cultivators   and power tillers is very time-consuming process. Therefore, in order to dig a few pits the use of such equipment is unnecessary. For digging the ground, experts advise buy garden tools — bayonet spade, because its blade is very easy to penetrate into the ground and facilitates the process of digging. Another tool garden tools, an indispensable on the site — This rake. Rakes are used to collect autumn leaves, dried grass, leveling and soil loosening. Forks help remove dry leaves, tops in one pile or wheelbarrow.

    To work in the garden

    Garden tools easier to work in the garden. The main tool — pruner. It allows you to dry and remove excess branches from the trees and bushes. Depending on the type of selected features garden pruner that   They differ from each other. Pruner easy to use, it practically does not injure the bark of trees. Another essential tool garden tools is a device for spraying. It helps to protect the garden from pests. The volume of spray cylinders depends on the number of green spaces and garden area.

    Irrigation systems

    Irrigation system helps evenly watered area of ​​the site. In   area exceeds three hectares can not do without the optional watering system. To accommodate such a system, the equipment must be chosen at the moment of creating a master plan for site development. In the area of ​​irrigation it makes sense to place the distribution of tracks parebrikov, fences and small architectural forms. The present owner will take care in advance to watering hoses and various small parts of the system are ready for operation before the start of the season.

    The right choice of garden tools

    Working with an ideal garden tools pleasure. Making the right choice, you can be sure that the equipment   It will not break and will not let you in the most unexpected moment. And after work you can be proud of the result. In our online store, you can choose a high-quality garden tools. We offer the technique to work in the garden and the garden only to well-known manufacturers. The lineup of products offered so wide that you can easily pick up any tools. If you think that you need   environmentally friendly garden equipment, online store will offer tools that work on battery and mains, they   do not pollute the air exhausts of gasoline.

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