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    Cordless saws: freedom of movement


    Saw today no surprise. We sawing so many years, that perhaps no longer find the first mention in the literature who was also the remarkable left-hander, the first place to figure between the two arms pointed leaf. Since then, we have learned how to age-old saw in every one. Saws come up with the most pretentious and very useful in the household appliances. Here, for example, cordless saws.


    What are they for humanity? Respondent. Do you want to completely separate from Mr. Chubais and RAO UES? After all, you probably annoy constant power surges? And you probably already tired of working in the most stressful time of the infinitely trip over lying on the ground wires and extension cords? There is a solution: buy rechargeable saw.


    By the way, did you know that today everything electric and necessarily produced in the battery performance? Simply put, they are not burdened with the network cable. Modern technologies allow to make replacement batteries large enough capacity. (It is, of course, the needs of the domestic national economy.)


    Most models have a driving voltage of 9.6 volts or 12 and the capacity of 1.7 or 2.0 Ah. Let me explain: the battery voltage is responsible for the power tools and capacity - for the duration of his work (that is, if you have a battery capacity 2 Ah, this means that it can support a current of 2 amps per hour). If you need to, say, sawing boards, the battery voltage will dictate their maximum thickness and capacity - the amount of material that can be sawed without recharging the battery.


    What models have in our stores?


    Circular Saw


    DeWalt (DeWalt). Model DW 936 K2





    136 mm diameter disc, the disc rotation speed of 3200 rev/min, cutting depth 41 mm. Weight 3.4 kg. Battery - 18 V; 2.0 Ah. 1 year warranty.


    The price of about 11 500 rubles *.


    * Prices as of 12.11.1999


    Skill (Skil). Model Skilsaw 2977





    85 mm diameter disc, the disc rotation speed of 1000 revolutions/min, cutting depth 24 mm. Weight 2.1 kg. Battery - 12 V; 1.3 Ah. 1 year warranty.


    The price of about 5200 rubles.


    Jig Saw


    Atlas Copco (Atlas Copco). Model PJX 12/PP/BX/RC





    The speed of sawing 1460 strokes/min, cutting depth 60 mm. Weight 2.4 kg. Battery - 12 V; 1.7 Ah. Quick change of saw blade without tools. 1 year warranty.


    The price of about 16 100 rubles.


    Makita (Makita). Model 4390 DW





    The speed of sawing 2700 strokes/min, cutting depth 24 mm. Weight 1.4 kg. Battery - 9.6; 1.4 Ah. 1 year warranty.


    The price of about 12 000.


    Reciprocating elektronozhovka


    DeWalt (DeWalt). Model DW 938





    The speed of sawing is adjustable from 0 to 2800 strokes/min., the magnitude of the sawing 22 mm. Weight 2.9 kg. Battery - 18 V; 2.0 Ah. 1 year warranty.


    The price of about 11,800 rubles.


    Chain Saw


    Makita (Makita). Model UC120DWA-Ex-Set





    The length of the part (the part that nags) - 115 mm. Weight 2.2 kg. Battery - 12 V; 2.0 Ah. 1 year warranty.


    The price of about 7500 rubles.


    Cordless saws for cutting ceramic tiles and glass


    Model < Makita > 4191 DWA.





    Diamond disc diameter of 80 mm. The disc rotation speed at idle of 1000 revolutions/min. Depth of cut is adjustable from 0 to 24 mm. Weight 2.1 kg. Battery - 12V; 2.0 Ah. 1 year warranty.


    Designed for clean cut (without chips), ceramic tiles, glass and glass with a wire mesh (Reinforced).


    The price of 9300 rubles.


    As long as the battery drank fewer features than the tool, working from the mains. The reason is, as always, is simple. Powerful power, < tethered > a wire into an outlet for coarse pre-processing a large amount of material. A battery - good for fine finishing of finished structures (walls, ceilings, floors, fences).


    While these batteries are much more expensive assistants < Network > analogs. The reason - the electric motor to the battery tool that provides the necessary power, but it has to be economical. To make it more complicated and therefore more expensive. Consequently, she saw it becomes more expensive.


    Maybe a little bit greedy landlord seems such an instrument unnecessary thing, the farm maloupotrebimoy and even useless. I do not agree. At the time, I decided and bought a cordless drill, and now I know for sure - in some cases it was useful to me strongly. For example, when I was repairing a car. No one extension to our < a natural Car > a vacant lot for what would have had no chance! Or was the case - I lock in the < shell & gt ;. That's when I said thank you a hundred times craftsmen, realizing such a useful thing to do. But you never know in life situations where this might be useful, and mobile < easy-going > tool?


    Of course, I do not insist, but I strongly advise.

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