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    Choosing an electric drill

    drill - this is the tool without which it can not do even the smallest repair. Hang the picture, mounted on a wall shelf, to twist came loose cabinet doors, and even stir any solution - using a drill all these operations is done easily and quickly.

    But first and foremost, of course, a drill - a tool required for drilling. In accordance with the functions performed are conventional and an electric shock, angular, drills, mixers and drills.

    Drill with a blow besides rotary movements also carries forth - back and forth - and the need to work with durable materials. Angle Drill - perfect assistant, when work is carried out in a confined space, such as under the hood of the car. Drills mixers not only drill but also can mix all kinds of solutions. Well, with the help of drills can also be wrapped or unscrew the screws, wood screws and self-tapping screws.

    Depending on the power drill may be rechargeable and network. Self-powered convenient, if there is no outlet, and if it is necessary in the process of constantly moving. Their disadvantage - the need for recharging and less power than the drills working on the network to the same batteries are not cheap.

    The main characteristics of drills that are worth paying attention to when choosing a tool - it is power, maximum speed, functionality and adequacy of a particular mode of operation.

    From the power depends on the performance of the instrument. Depending on the complexity of the works can be chosen drill in the range from 400 to 1050 watts. The most versatile medium power drill.

    For the purpose drills the standard speed - 2800-3000 rpm. The maximum frequency of rotation of the tool according to its purpose may be from 350 to 4000 rpm. The greater the number of rotations, the more possibilities - even at low power it provides a good tool performance.

    Another important factor when choosing - Drill should be comfortable in your hand. The classic version - the handle in the shape of a pistol from behind. This is useful when drilling screws or wrapping, but still has to make tangible efforts, so the hand gets tired easily. If the handle is located on the center of gravity of the drill, hand much less tired, with higher accuracy. Horizontal position for such drills is most natural.

    Often when selecting a tool raises the question: which is better to use a drill or a hammer? Punch is similar to the impact drill. The fundamental difference between them lies precisely in the hammer mechanism. If the impact drill is used for this ratchet wheel, then punch punch creates a pneumatic or solenoid mechanism. Thus, for a drill hammer drilling mode - the mode of increased wear and to punch - normal operation. The main mode of punch - punch, while from the drill - drilling and impact function is activated only when needed.

    Hammer does have more features, but it is more expensive. However, without it is possible to do until you take a long hammer drilling or chiselling.

    However, in the first place, choosing the tool you need to think about how it will be used. If the electric power needed by a couple of times a month, enough to buy a household tool, and if it is necessary to overhaul the apartment, you can not do without a professional tool, which is designed for the use of 6-10 hours per day. Choosing the right drill properly served in accordance with the service life specified by the manufacturer.

    Do not forget that the electric, just like any other tool, needs careful handling. It is impossible to drop, especially on a hard surface. Periodically instrument needs servicing - cleaning mechanism and contacts in the lubricant. It is best to give this drill authorized service center.

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