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    Choose a blowtorch

    To begin to determine what use blowtorches and how to make the right choice? Soldering lamps manufactured for over 130 years, but are still relevant to use. There are different types of torches: Gas, Gasoline and kerosene lamps. They come in different types and volume. Capacity reservoir can be from 100 ml to 2 liters of fuel. From this and depends on their heat capacity, which can also be in the range of 0.5 kW to 3 kW more. Such lamps are used for soldering various parts of large and medium size. Using a soldering iron, you can remove coatings, turn rusted fasteners and dismantle the old metal structures, solder plastic, etc. Selecting a blowtorch will depend on its purpose.  
    Choose a blowtorch
    There are four criteria by which to choose blowtorches. They all consist of a cylinder and the torch, but, nevertheless, they are all different. What is the difference between them and how to choose the right machine?  
    1. The first criterion for selection is the construction of a blowtorch. As mentioned earlier, all the lamps consist of a cylinder and burner, but beyond that there is still burner with a hose with a length of about one and a half meters. These burners are very convenient for the air, because of the weight they are significantly lighter than conventional torches.  
    2. The second thing you should pay attention to – a kind of balloon. There are lamps pierce the balloon without valve is a valve with joining. The first are disposable, they can not be adjusted to produce a flame and can not dispense the contents of the fuel. But for the price they are much cheaper than the latter, it is their advantage. Burners joining valve with characteristics much better than the « disposable » burner. They reliably and using them can be easily metered fuel consumption and when it becomes necessary, you can fuel podbavit. But are these torches are much more expensive than the first. There is a third option, which includes a one-off and tank and joins.
    Choose a blowtorch
    3. If you select a blowtorch also pay attention to the fuel, which is « feeds » tool. It is important to know that those lamps that run through gasoline or kerosene give flame outlet temperature of over 1100 degrees. Also, such a flame can be easily controlled. There is also a gas heater. It is certainly a lot easier, so it should be used when working on weight, for example, when making house roof.
    4. And last, but not an important factor in the selection of the soldering iron is   the volume of the fuel tank. It is one with the most important technical characteristics that can determine the time. If you want to work less than about an hour, then for petrol or kerosene lamps need a tank volume of no less than 1 liter. But for the same duration with a gas lamp will be enough volume to 100 ml. Looking at such a big difference, it seems that the gas lamps are much cheaper in use. But we should not think only about the economy, there are other characteristics, where the gas lamps inferior to his rival.
    Choose a blowtorch
    If you have already decided on the type of lamp, which is a balloon, and what fuel will work lamp, it is necessary to define and manufacturer. After all, the manufacturer will depend on not only the quality but also the price. In general, prices vary a blowtorch. The cheapest will cost about 300-650 rubles. For example, Blowtorch « Zubr » It costs about 500 rubles. (domestic producer). Better poyalniki from foreign manufacturers will cost considerably more expensive. From the one thousand and up to 2-3 thousand rubles. Blowtorch « Dremel Versaflame » (from foreign producers) will cost a tidy sum of – 2000 rubles.  
    If you need a lamp for « amateur » work (for example, to parse the old radio or remove old paint from the fence), there is fine most simple light, you can even use disposable. If you are going to use a blowtorch as the main tool for the job, there is certainly better not to spare money and choose a more expensive instrument, but thus qualitatively.  
    Blowtorch can be purchased at the nearest market, which sells tools for the home, in specialized stores, or order a lamp over the Internet. On the Internet you can find not only the lights but also the additional tools, special cases for storage, spare cylinders, hoses, burners and more. But then no one will give counsel and advice, not rely only on their own choices.  
    But, nevertheless, it will fall on your choice up to you, all have their pluses and minuses.

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