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    Care tools

    order at any time of day or night your instrument could always come to you for help, you need to carefully look after him. Care of the tool includes the following definitions:

    rust protection;
    routine inspection of power tools;
    content handles in good condition, since most accidents with the tool on their conscience.

    Cleaning of tools is important for getting rid of banal   from ordinary dirt. With virtually no visible dirt trouble arises. To instrument faithfully served reliably for many years professionals recommend treating it specialized washes. When working with wood based materials and synthetic materials at the edge rather quickly there is a very troublesome problem. It is associated with the formation of crusts resin adhesive, lignin and so forth. Constituents processed materials. Get rid of the scourge of special washing will help you.   Better poured into special bath and lowering the tool into a liquid. Such a method is pretty economical. It allows the use of a liquid repeatedly.

    The moving parts in the Care of the tool to be treated with special oils, which include Caramba. It is also anti-corrosion protection. Little oiler with manual feed or syringe with the plunger to quickly solve the problem of oil supply in remote areas of the instrument. To lubricate any friction parts of the mechanism are different greases that are knitted   at a temperature in the range of   on – 30 to + 300 ° C.

    spray gun and brush must be processed after work   specific or generic wash. They can be used several times. Keep it in a bowl with a screw cap. Wait for foreign particles settle to the bottom, and you can use it again. Save a wash is not difficult, there is little professional trick. Dip into it several times a brush, let it soak in and then remove the paint, the brush on a sheet of newspaper. Most of the paint   remain on paper. The washed brush bristles hang down or placed so that the bristles hanging over the edge. It is important to thoroughly dry the bristles.

    Files cleaned with a stiff wire brush. Cheeks clutches eliminate the burrs and other flaws through triangular file. Large burrs removed with a chisel.

    Routine inspection is required in the care tool , in the process which generate dust. It seeps, will not save the protective cover. That is why the body periodically remove and dispose of the dust with a brush or a brass brush. You can do otherwise: sealed cabinet with a sealing paste Teroson   or its analogues. remove dust from the cartridges and clean the carbon brushes after 100-200 hours. Purification technology must be attached to the instrument.

    Check handle and timely repair of coating or themselves. Unvarnished wooden parts of the tool are not too lazy to handle the heated linseed oil. Excess remove the cloth.

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