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    As far as life is impossible without the plastic bag

    As far as life is impossible without the plastic bag It's hard to imagine any kind of construction work without waste, all kinds of crumbling surfaces and various kinds of dust and norovyaschie stick to anything. Preservation facilities under construction or insulation from external environmental conditions erecting new buildings is not possible without the use of polyethylene. The widespread use of polythene on construction sites is not due to its high cost and inherent characteristics of their own.

    Such material as trash bags for widespread utilization of different kinds of waste as construction and domestic. The high strength allows for recycling more than once, and use the packages under the rubble reusable. Polyethylene is widely applicable not only in construction but also become indispensable in various industries, as well as with the transport workers.

    Such terms as packet transport, widely applicable for lumber and many other things, which negatively reacts to moisture and dust, can be subjected to strain during transport and has a large size with an average size. Batch makes it possible to transport goods to maintain the integrity and avoid the detrimental effects of corrosion due to the tight fit to prevent exudation of air. Formed compact packages with cargo loaded in vehicles that reduces the possibility of damage thereby increasing the safety of the cargo.

    Packaging materials of construction is not limited to construction materials. Another widespread use of polyethylene – it is the food industry. Oddly Stronach food film performs all the same properties with respect to food as polyethylene, used for batch transportation. Prevent chapping, contact with the hands, and of course air (creating vacuum) helps preserve the freshness of food for a certain manufacturer expiration date enables retailers and low weight.

    Cellophane in the usual form of the package has not spared even such kind of distant for him sphere of advertising. Large companies, businesses and chain stores seeking not only to attract more customers by, but enough to make a good income, production and order delivery of packets in a large quantity to put on them their own logo or trademark. We go to the store and do not worry what goin back all purchase, we know that the cashier will always offer a package of any size and in any quantity.

    Buying packages, we do not even think that they can be of two types: HDPE and LDPE (polyethylene of low/high pressure). Distinguish between them very simply and without going into specific details, let's say: IPA rustles and breaks all the time, and LDPE strong, soft, stretchable in all directions and usually expensive standing bag. They are made of small beads on special verstalnyh machine at a certain pressure. Manufacturers are trying to equalize the prices for different types of goods, by reducing the thicker end product. And say what form they bring or draw, it is not necessary at all, can any your whim.

    And you treat fresh cucumbers and tomatoes in the month of May? If you positively know this is not a small merit of materials, which is based on polyethylene. Possibility of creation of greenhouses in agriculture has created a microclimate for plants. Ability to create a greenhouse effect in the coated polyethylene structures used on a large production, and at home at different stages of plant growth. The same low cost, the possibility of long-term use and storage, portability and ease of assembly when in circulation, took a leading place among all possible coverings. It is well established greenhouses in which to grow flowers, especially very harmful and demanding in circulation rose.

    Due, for the creation of such an indispensable material necessary to give a textile engineer from Sweden, Jacques Edwin Brandenberg. Back in 1911, when you try to create a waterproof coating for table cloth by applying a liquid viscose. Unfortunately, the experiment did not give the expected result, but because of this, in 1913, France established a commercial production of cellophane.

    A large number of favorable properties which has artificially bred material allows widely to apply it practically everywhere. And hardly experienced housewife can imagine my future life without the presence of a plastic bag in the kitchen or in your purse.

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