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    Many, hoping to get away from the bustle of the city and closer to the roots, get home and garden plots. In order to refine the structure of the territory of the country, they buy...
      If you decide to buy a screwdriver, selecting the most appropriate model should be guided by such   characteristics such as power, battery capacity and ergonomics.   When selecting the screwdriver should also take into...
    The need to select power tools Everyone in life has ever used power tools, whether an amateur or professional purposes. The main reason for this fact – repair, construction of apartments or houses. Moreover,...
    Almost every owner of a country house or cottage will need a tool like a chainsaw. It is necessary for sawing wood, preparation of small « chocks » for the fireplace or in the care...
    Now more and more people are engaged in private pleasure garden work – caring for fruit trees, grow flowers, creating Japanese gardens, rock gardens. That they are interested in gardening equipment with which they get...
      The acquisition of workwear and personal protective equipment - respirators, gloves, helmets - an integral part of ensuring appropriate safety standards during construction works. But there are many objective reasons, complicates the choice. Among the...
    It's hard to imagine any kind of construction work without waste, all kinds of crumbling surfaces and various kinds of dust and norovyaschie stick to anything. Preservation facilities under construction or insulation from external...
    To begin to determine what use blowtorches and how to make the right choice? Soldering lamps manufactured for over 130 years, but are still relevant to use. There are different types of torches: Gas, Gasoline...
    Building dryer is a universal device used for soldering pipes, heating and drying the surface of various objects. To perform such a wide range of activities, modern building dryers have different capacity and equipped with...
    Metal products are interconnected by means of bolts, rivets, adhesive, forging and other processes. Practice shows that welding is one of the most reliable and durable fastening methods.     It is widely used in...
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