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    In December 2010, shall enter into force on Technical Regulation « About the safety of low voltage equipment ». Since then, manufacturers and suppliers of low-voltage equipment will be required to confirm the safety of...
    Construction and repair not only require the purchase of building materials and hiring people, but also the purchase of special power tools. One of the essential elements of the building is an electric screwdriver,...
    Remember how many times you have at home blinking light or completely turned off? Usually it takes a while off – 6 or 7 seconds needed to trigger an automatic transfer switch (AB) at the...
    Of all the garden tools is considered to be the most popular shovel. Its use in the garden area, used during loading and unloading of bulk materials, clean it snow and debris. Today there...
    Purchase of equipment for repair work requires the buyer a certain knowledge, skills and careful approach. Greatly facilitate the selection and purchase of electric tools help the specialized internet sites.   A wide range   Buy tool in Moscow,...
    During the construction work, a very important role is played by the choice of high-quality tools.   If you carry out the process of grinding and sanding, cutting metal and other materials in the manual mode, it...
    Any owner of a private house knows that the lawn needs constant care and regular haircuts. In this important role played by machinery used. Today, the market garden tools provides a huge selection of...
    Screwdriver is   one of the most popular building tools in every home. It is necessary not only to carry out major repairs and construction, but also in different everyday situations that arise in...
    The service life and reliability of threaded connections depends on the pressures on the fastening tools. Excessive load or operating machinery violation of fasteners can lead to premature breakdown and destruction of studs, bolts...
    Hammer is a specialized drill, having a shock effect. Unlike traditional                   Drills equipped with extra shock function hammer is used for continuous operation when drilling enough...
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