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    screwdriver is one of the most popular tools in any home. It is required not only during construction or overhaul, but also in various everyday situations that often arise in our lives. One has...
    drill - this is the tool without which it can not do even the smallest repair. Hang the picture, mounted on a wall shelf, to twist came loose cabinet doors, and even stir any...
        High levels of noise and vibration accompanying the operation of the equipment in all areas of manufacturing (engineering, construction, agriculture, etc.), Leading to lower productivity, poor product quality and well-being of workers....
    order at any time of day or night your instrument could always come to you for help, you need to carefully look after him. Care of the tool includes the following definitions: rust protection; sharpening; cleaning; routine...
    To   Care of the tool does not take a lot of money and effort, you need to store it properly . storage is one of the most important factors...
    There is a wide range of < strong> paint tools to paint on different surfaces in interior decoration. In order to correctly choose the tool to work, follow the advice of the professionals....
    At present, the market of electric, gasoline-powered tools offer a large selection of leading companies of the world (KINZO, Makita, Bosch, Kress, De Walt, etc.). According to the technical requirements of the tool is divided...
    PN2A and PN5 - environmentally friendly low-pressure paint sprayers, which are a good tool for the application of any paint from floors, walls, ceilings, railings, radiators to various equipment. They are lightweight, ergonomic,...
    Diamond tools is widely used in construction. Its popularity is due to a number of advantages that are unique to him. Working with this tool, in contrast to the   perforation and demolition equipment,...
    Today, welding technology applied in many industrial areas. When conducting maintenance or installation work, as well as in industry and construction welding becomes indispensable. To carry out such activities for a long time used...
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