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      The final stage of finishing work is the painting of different surfaces, which is available to perform a huge range of high quality paints and varnishes. Everyone will be able to choose the...
    The crack in the supporting frame of the furniture is actually causing the need to put the compound where it was not provided – in places that were originally intended for large loads. After ...
    Market Overview These devices are self-powered, combining the power, ease of use and fast charging batteries, they were appreciated by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. We have tested and present to you 11 of the...
                                            Saw today no surprise. We sawing so many years, that perhaps no longer find the first mention in the literature who was also the remarkable left-hander, the first place to figure between...
    At the heart of this work - an independent test measuring roulette . The length and width of the web. Most running today roulette - " short ". The length of the web -...
                                                                                                                                                                                        Grinding machines - their variety and the best models. Varioshlifovateli, deltashlifovateli and vibroshlifovateli Bosch, Makita, Skil, Decker and DeWalt.              How do you feel about the thorn? The holiday season...
    What to choose: impact drill or a hammer, what characteristics you should pay attention to? Every day it is becoming clearer, and the need for this increased snowballed. It was necessary to drill...
                                                                                                                                       Of course, drinking - something indispensable in the household. If, for example, to build a cottage - without all as without hands. If you know...
                                                          Geodetic instruments are indispensable in modern construction. Their range is constantly growing, expanding their opportunities. Laser ranging Leica DISTO A8 - reliability and ease of measurement Leica DISTO A8 -...
    Portable circular saws (conveyers). Review of models, tips on how to choose the disk power saw. What can be done with the board? For example, to saw. We measure out all that way just seven...
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