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      To perform   painting , needed spatulas, brushes, rollers, lines, power, capacity for dilution of paints, screwdriver, hammer, pliers, small and large sandpaper, a piece of cork or rubber,...
    Holding the only solid wood but without the most basic tools, you can do nothing . To operate you do not need something special, just all the most simple and affordable. The minimal set...
    Without it, it is impossible to perform even the simplest operation. Before proceeding to the actual processing of the wood, you need to choose the right bar and mark the position of future items....
    The tool of the mason:   Mortar Shovel Trowel Hammer-kirochka pointing Shvabrovka Plumb Building levels...
    Diamond blades consist of two fundamental elements: a steel hull and a diamond cutting edge. The latter can be three types: segmental, continuous or serrated. The housing is made of high-quality drive, heat-treated hardened...
    In order to facilitate, accelerate and do security work at any height (from stools and much higher) are tool bags , they also tool bags , they the bags and pouches for...
    Domestic saws — the most primitive. To their aid usually resorted on occasion, for example when it is necessary to prepare wood for the fireplace. The functional ability of such drink minimum. They...
    During painting operations often have to be removed from the brush the excess paint. A piece of wire bent at both ends tightly and put on the edges of the buckets paint...
      Remove the old paint from wood surfaces If you need to remove the old layer of paint from wood products, whether old furniture that wants to give a new life, or a painted...
    Oh, those old windows and doors with peeling paint! Kind of depressing, "woodwork", has lost its original beauty, familiar to many of us: every time it is covered with new and new layers of enamel,...
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