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    Underfloor heating is gaining more and more supporters. This is not surprising, since the modern architecture and design dictate new forms of engineering systems. Already it is becoming a familiar heating " under...
    Winter evening by the fireplace Fire - a symbol of stability and comfort. That's why many homeowners, especially the country, want to or already have in your home fireplace. The point is not for...
    Performance Features furnaces, stoves and fireplaces are largely determined by the quality of masonry, which, in turn, depends on the quality of work, materials used, compliance order size and laying bricks (poryadovok), the purity...
    Fireplace - such an important part of the interior, that talk about it and discuss questions of its arrangement can be arbitrarily long and detailed. Although we have already addressed the topic of the fireplace...
      Warm floors in the market appeared relatively recently. However, they are quite quickly gained popularity among consumers, that does not depend on climatic conditions and geographic location. Perfect unit of floor heating ...
      Suppose you built a house or cottage. Now, before you had a new task - to create the necessary conditions for the comfort of your home. And what could provide more comfort than a live...
      When it comes to the heat in the house, the word " radiator " literally rolls off the tongue: " trouble radiator very cold ". This is understandable, because in our usual central heating radiator...
    Individual heating has long been a common practice in Europe. Such popularity of individual heating systems is well founded.   The main reason is that this method of space heating for at least two times...
    Stalium: warm with excellent references Heating has always been the subject of attention and care - it depends on the heating comfort level at home and in the workplace. Heating systems already existed in antiquity.  The Romans...
    Oil heaters - the most common type of electric heaters. Their installation does not require special knowledge and tools. Enough to put the radiator closer to the place you want...
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