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    Triplex and reinforced glass

    Wired glass has an inside mesh of metal wire. The reinforced glass is used imported wire coated alloy materials having greater strength and better resist corrosion.

    Produces it so: in the middle of the plate parallel to the surface during the production of metal mesh placed with square or hexagonal cells. There are colored reinforced glass, it is made of glass, colored metal oxides. The most common colors - golden yellow, green, purple, pink, blue.

    Such glass can be cast as a wet surface (wired cast glass) surface decoration pattern matching the pattern of the grid (rolled patterned glass reinforced) and gloss (polished wired glass).

    The grid is used welded steel wire, and glass of the highest quality - even with protective aluminum coating. Square cell side is 12.5 mm or 25 mm. The mesh should be placed over the entire area of ​​the sheet at a distance of not less than 1.5 mm from the glass surface. The result is a light-transmitting material having improved safety and fire resistance. However, no reinforcement increases the mechanical strength of glass, and even reduces it by approximately 1.5 times. But the presence of the mesh prevents fragments fly and fall out of the bindings, if, for example, it will fly ball or a stone.

    Quality reinforced glass should break off at the score line does not rastreskivayas. If there are a lot of bubbles - it's a marriage.

    Application: This glass is used in industrial plants and glazed doors in the doorways of houses, balcony openings, ie, where necessary to prevent injuries from large pieces of glass or glass to get « anti-vandal » structure. Its use is also dictated by reasons of fire safety, and because it has been used successfully on the fire escape in the back rooms, where it is possible to do without expensive tempered glass (glass reinforced domestic production is almost the same as ordinary glass).


    Triplex It called glass consisting of two or more layers, « glued » with each other over the entire surface. The layers can be made from both the glass one, and that p

    azlichnyh types. They can be both straight and curved (they give shape before gluing).

    Application: should be used as glasses to protect against hacking (high impact), bullets (bullet-proof), fire (flame-resistant), and for the manufacture of insulating glass units, aquariums large, interior elements, and so on. n., as triplex protects people from various injuries.

    Glass sold in the form of large plates which are cut from the web of the desired size and in the form of finished articles of certain sizes and shapes.

    Basically it offers two different types of laminated glass: film and filler. In the first case the layers « glued » with each other over the entire surface of the polymer film, the second polymeric laminating composition. Such glass well protected from ultraviolet radiation.

    The main indicator is the formula (S1 + S2) = the thickness of laminated glass.

    The film is laminated, usually formula 3 + 3 and available in free size sheets packaged in boxes. Priming triplex can be any formula of your choice. That is, the first glass is produced of the desired size and configuration, and then poured therebetween polymer.

    Unlike tempered glass, laminated glass is not stronger than ordinary glass, it just behaves differently when broken - fragments do not scatter in all directions, but remain « hang » on the elastic film.

    It is this property, and it is due to the use of laminated glass in the windows of stores (that is especially true for the west). To break the usual glass and access the contents of windows, only need one « good » hit and half a minute to remove debris. To break « serious » Showcase triplex, you need to hit a lot and for a long time. Even longer you remove shards to access the contents of the cabinet. It is for this time, and manages to drive the police.

    In addition, if in the window is not necessary or even laminated glass is covered with a protective film, no foreign insurance company a store would not insure.

    And do not think that such orders are only required where - in the west, and we really like something without them will live. The explosion in the passage under the Pushkin Square is quite clearly demonstrated that to us without the same order did not survive. A lot of people in the explosion were crippled by shrapnel crumbling storefronts. But whether these windows in place of ordinary glass tempered glass or laminated glass, nothing similar would not happen.

    bulletproof bulletproof - the fastest and most effective way to protect against a sudden attack with firearms. It is intended to protect human life, the safety and reliability of storage of wealth. Bulletproof provide: high optical transparency, protection against perforation bullets when fired from a Makarov pistol, TT, Kalashnikov assault rifles, SVD, protection against splinters (the back side of the attack did not fly off pieces of glass).

    In recent years, a whole industry specializing in the creation of special bullet-proof structures, such as the protection of the cab, exchange offices, cash units, vzlomo- and bullet-proof windows and doors, and special design. For consumers, this form of service is very convenient - ordered, and you all brought and installed in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Central Bank and affixed to the construction certificate is installed.

    Building triplex - this is usually a composition consisting of two layers of glass and polymer layer thickness of 1-2.5 mm between them, have good barrier properties.

    The use of laminated glass allows:

    • significantly reduce the chance of injury from glass fragments of people, since the polymer located between the layers of glass firmly holds these fragments;
    • provide high optical clarity and color stability;
    • provide scratch resistance;
    • improve sound insulation (noise reduction by the amount of 32 to 44 dB).

      Building triplex is used:
    • when you make entries and lobbies of public buildings;
    • when creating office partitions and windows;
    • glazing ladders;
    • in glass installed on the roofs of buildings;
    • glazing trade pavilions and bus shelters;
    • glazing schools, sports halls and kindergartens.
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