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    How to make patterns on the glass?

    Love to the pattern on glass appears in childhood, when children paint on the window watercolors. Do not rush to shorten the impulse baby, enjoy with him the works, leaving little artist contours and colors for drawing on glass surfaces.

    The fashion for glass products will never pass. Humanity, having many years of experience in processing and finishing of glass products, constantly improving and applying more and more new production technologies and exterior items of glass.

    How to make patterns on the glass?

    Types of decorative glass processing

    Today is known to use about five technology processing of glass and about two dozen types of exterior finish. Let us consider the most interesting and effective.

    glass yarn - is made of glass fibers, which are wound on glassware. The main thing is different transparency or color, and yarns can be formed grid helix feathers. When the material is injected through a special hollow needle syringe thin, transparent sparkling thread filigree form called « a thousand flowers ».

    icy glass - is obtained by dipping the workpiece into cold water, so that formed on the surface irregular cracks. When the glass cools, it is reheated and blown products.

    Laminated glass - created from phony blanks, which in turn dipped in different colors of glass mass. Further, the product is ground, it can be done with openwork or matte. This type of decorative glass processing requires highly skilled craftsmanship.

    glass mosaic - is produced by fusing pieces of colored glass in the form of the casting furnace.

    Painting – is the most common way to finish glassware. Running painted two types of processing. In cold method applied to the surface patterns opaque paints without burning. If after application of the glass enamel is fired, the contrast is formed on the surface transparent layer, characterized by the basic background.

    Glaze - is performed with silver and copper. If you are using copper, the glaze will turn black or red, and silver will glaze yellow.

    iridescence - will give a glass pearl shine from   transparent white to red and gold.

    Gilding - is very popular among the decoration of dishes. The thin foil is fused between layers of glass or cover its outer side, sometimes painted surface oxide gold ornaments from.

    satin finishing or etching - is done by using hydrofluoric acid. The surface can poison whole or perform drawing, and the place of the etching becomes smooth and silky.

    Matting - is obtained by treating the surface of the glass jet sharply granular sand, an effect similar to etching, only the plane turns « », grainy rough.

    Engraving and cut – methods are ideally suited for processing of crystal. Shallow like scratched patterns are obtained by means of a diamond, and a deeper pattern recessed into the surface, perform sharp diamond cutters and special grinding wheels.

    The weld – glass literally « glued » circles, droplets, glass filaments of transparent and colored glass, all this makes the plane of the glass product invoice.

    How to make patterns on the glass?

    The handling of the glass

    Glass is not the last place in human life: a mirror, dishes, furniture, doors, windows, glass blocks. Most of the others have a clear, but there are objects made of glass decorated with patterns. Meanwhile, one has only to show a little patience to set free the imagination and you can get great glass items decorated with patterns of various designs. Of course, today you can buy glass and texture, and color, but it is possible to turn ordinary glass into a decorative material. For example, the glass will change beyond recognition with patterns made with engraving, engraving costs only buy the device and abrasive nozzles of different sizes.

    It is worth noting that glass vases and plates with multicolored paintings are expensive, but looks very nice. Create a similar product is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, and the time it will take not so little.

    Pattern engraved and cut glass

    For patterns on glass engraving and cut, it is desirable to have multiple abrasive wheels on   6, 8, 15 millimeters in thickness. Still need a thin circle, sharpened at an angle of 90-120 degrees « wit » for the eruption of the elements of the linear pattern. To the glass turned round spot, need a convex grinding wheel dressed with a cutting ball.

    Sometimes when applying patterns on glass emery wheel can cling to the machine and the glass regards rough surfaces that it did not need to choose the right sanding disc diameter, with minimal beat. An important condition for obtaining patterns for cutting a supply of water, without facet is impossible to carry out.

    Pattern previously applied to the glass through a stencil of cardboard or heavy paper. With the foam pad stuffed with oil paint on glass and allowed to dry.

    First practice on simple drawings decorate, for example, the door glass can be clear and graphic design, the main thing you need to pick it up so that it looked good on both sides, because the interior doors are viewed at both facilities.

    Warning ! Handle on the door weight is dangerous – It may damage and crack the glass. To perform pattern glass is placed on a flat surface, placing it on a soft cloth in several layers.

    How to make patterns on the glass?

    Stained glass decorative patterns on the glass

    Subject decorative or ornamental composition in a window or doors made of glass, light transmitting – This stained glass window. In all-glass can be made multicolored pattern that will look very decorative.

    To work need a graphite powder, a cocktail stick, small bottles, plastic, oil paint, and nitrocellulose lacquer. Figure pattern is first applied to the paper of the same size as the glass. Then the glass is laid horizontally, and it is placed under the drawing on paper. Nitrocellulose lacquer mixed with graphite powder so as to obtain a mass that can be easily squeezed out of the bottle through a tube inserted into the tube. But at the same weight should not be spread on the glass.

    The composition of the squeeze bottle to the glass on a contour drawing – this is an imitation metal frame. Allow the glass to completely dry in a horizontal position. Oil paints for glass diluted oil paint, the clear-colored composition is applied to a glass pipette. The work should be carried out carefully, trying to paint spread over the glass evenly. Sometimes you need to prevent the mixing of colors, in this case the complex elements of the drawing are colored alternately. At least paint over its background.

    Frosty pattern on glass

    In the bathroom or hallway, you can create an intimate atmosphere a layer of glass, which reduces the impact of strong sunlight. This effect is achieved by painting on glass spray paint « frosty » pattern. For the occurrence of decorative pattern on a stencil spray paint adhered to the glass, and then remove the stencil. You can remove himself podnadoevshy pattern with thinner glaze or a razor blade.

    A simplified version of « frosty » patterns may be formed by a stencil cut flakes of any shape and diluted toothpaste white color, without the color stripe. After removing the stencil appears that the finer the spray, the more the pattern on the glass will look « frosty ». In the spring of such patterns are removed much easier to figure out the paint.

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