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    It is not necessary to be a great designer to understand that using a mirror can be artificially changed not only the parameters of the room, but also to transform the interior beyond recognition. It's...
    In an atmosphere TRANSPARENCY Glass - a material illusion. As, as a mirror. It gives sometimes very unexpected effect, the ability to focus, the game of provocation: it is possible to instill: glass...
    Today, there are two technologies of manufacturing glass with low-E coating. The first coating is produced at the manufacturing stage glass by depositing the necessary materials to the hot (about 600 degrees Celsius) glass. The...
    Properties tinted glassizgotavlivaetsya by FLOAT technology and contains in its composition a special additive (often – metal oxides), which give the glass light and heat absorbing properties and paint it in a bronze...
    Wired glass has an inside mesh of metal wire. The reinforced glass is used imported wire coated alloy materials having greater strength and better resist corrosion. Produces it so: in the middle of the plate parallel...
    Mirrors existed since the middle of XIII century, it is the time of the artisanal technologies have done in the Netherlands and Flanders. And two hundred years later became famous for its glass-blowing workshops...
    It is known that any room requires its color content. We are used to this feature usually carry wallpaper, carpets, lamps, or at worst, a painting or mural. Today we would like to remind...
    Interior design mirrors Mirror – it is the most amazing piece of furniture. Using it is easy to destroy dull symmetrical borders apartments and even change the colors of the home, which no longer brings joy....
    Currently, flat glass produced mainly through the float – method, however, outdated method of drawing and rolling method is still used in a small amount in the production of special glass known, among them...
    It is impossible to imagine a beautiful window without carefully cut and pasted glass. Get tips from the professionals to make the glass works on the highest level. Before buying window glass...
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