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    MODULAR SPACE PROGRAM FOR INDIVIDUAL   We are surrounded by very different furniture and we know what is what. That's chair. And this is the sofa. Perhaps some of us even realize what...
    Interior of the modern home is diverse and inexhaustible imagination of the one who settles. Sometimes, one single detail can change our home beyond recognition. At the same time it does not matter what we...
    Fashion on the chest   Chests appeared for the first time thanks to an increase in the chests. To reach the bottom of a deep chest had him put to a bench or do the bottom...
    The word " table " It had several meanings: in addition to the piece of furniture, it was also a feast lying on it. And because it was believed to feed guests direct and indisputable...
    FURNITURE aristocracy ARMCHAIR   In the explanatory dictionary Dahl « chair » defined as the « spacious, chair rails, armrests ». This word has a Slavonic roots: so once called a sledge or...
      We already gave advice on decorating homes. Let us try to give a few tips for lovers of non-standard options. Perhaps they will not be for you a guide to action, but to inspire...
    In the middle of the last century in the " well-off " The main attributes of the homes were fashionable style sofas with cushions, armrests, round tables with knitted cloth lampshade with tassels and whatnot...
    The time has passed when crystalware were more than objects of everyday life, and " windows ", filled with them - an essential attribute of any apartment. While the number and variety of crystal in...
    LARRY and chests: FURNITURE past or the future?   Cache, in contrast to the chest - European. And, although in fact, a chest and a chest is almost no different: both - a container in the...
    Clock - decorative or necessary thing?   Once upon a time people lived without the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransience and irrevocability of time. But carelessness ended when someone invented the clockwork. Who should we be grateful...
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