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    linoleum in the hallway: the traditional material Entrance – this room to which special requirements. No other room in the apartment or house floor is not subject to these tests: damp, dirty...
    Preparing for installation of laminate Before, how to lay laminate , the material should lie in the center of the room, where it will be installed for 48 hours at a stable...
    One of the most popular floor coverings - it linoleum . Before you begin to tell what is linoleum, it should be noted that our views on this differ somewhat from the accepted...
    Classification of flooring materials for Vila Piece material: wooden floor (floor board); parquet flooring (a piece parquet, parquet paneling, mosaic (typesetting) parquet, flooring); linoleum tile - cutting of linoleum paintings; plastic floor tiles;...
    Main suppliers of manufacturers of wood flooring in themarket - a foreign plants (for example: " Upofloor ", " Parla ", Finland , " Tarkett ", Sweden) with a rich tradition and experience in...
    Paradoxically, parquet flooring , which history has more than one hundred years, is one of the most obscure and mysterious ingredients interior around us at home and work. Hardwood floors are perhaps the...
    The dream of every newcomer - that repairs were made with high quality, fast and as far as possible without the mud. It applies it to such a labor-intensive process as Flooring. This is such...
    It sets out the repair, one of the first we solve the problem of floor covering. Tile, linoleum, natural and artificial stone, cork, even glass and metal - Today in the housing is possible. But...
    The main purpose sexual Ties — smooth the surface on which the plank floor. According to the established decades of manufacturing technology, plates, serving bases for floors in production houses, made smooth...
    Fashion to the floor came from France: the word " parquet " evidence of its origin. Hardwood floors began to lay in the palaces of the French nobility during the same period, when there appeared...
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