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      Siding – This lining material, durable and reliable, it is very popular with the trim of the house. Siding not only provides protection for the house from the elements, but is used with...
    Metal siding (metal siding) - it is a long light bar width of 120-300 mm.   Metal siding (metal siding) is made of galvanized steel, steel with polymer coating and aluminum various...
    The outer shell facing simultaneously protects the structure from mechanical influences, rain and performs a decorative function. As this shell now using ventilated facades, which are highly effective two-stage system. Moisture that appears indoor...
    The facade is considered to be full of clothing at home. It shows plenty, tastes and preferences of the owners. Facade helps protect walls from disaster strikes and various vagaries of nature. Durability, strength...
    One of the modern ways of changing the appearance of the building on the outside of the device is a front systems. Ventilated facade systems are a composite interior design that includes a filler...
    Types and dimensions of front panels - one of the options siding. Types and dimensions of front panels - original element whose design allows you to mount it not only horizontally but...
    Vinyl Siding – this is a finishing material, which is based on polyvinyl chloride. It is used for walls and facades of buildings in climate areas when temperature changes from -40 C to...
                                               The need for an attractive glass exterior, which would be linked into a whole skeleton of the building and the facade is originated from the architects in the 20's. XX century....
                   Ventilated facade, lined with polished granite . grace any city                Sooner or later, the house begins to collapse. The first old facade: he is said to builders starts cry - There are raw spots, and then crack. Gradually lining...
    The market of materials for facade is actively developing. Over the last year sales growth in its different segments ranged from 30 to 50%. Despite the fact that the players are all kinds...
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