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    Wiring in the office

    Electricity in the office is one of the main components of the IT equipment. No office space can not do without lighting system and socket network. The smooth functioning of the company provides good coverage and quality socket for connecting a large number of electrical appliances and communications (computers and office equipment, security systems and fire suppression, communications, etc.).
    The office produced such works are typical for wiring:

    • Installation and wiring
    • Installation outlets
    • Installing lighting fixtures.

    In office buildings can be used and   industrial wiring. For example, office buildings are characterized by high energy consumption, since electricity is needed not only for the functioning of computers and office equipment, and server hardware, security systems, etc.
    The organization of the wiring is necessary to strictly observe safety rules. To avoid cases of electrocution of workers and visitors, fire or smoke as a result of short-circuits, it must be designed and built by highly skilled specialists.

    Network socket

    To provide staff with appropriate technology, developed plan of electrical outlets that experts make based on the specifics of the office.

    In the calculation of minor expenses the company can arrange rosette infrastructure with wall boxes. All cables are laid in special channels on the surface of the walls. They can be placed at the level of countertops and floor, so as not to disturb the design office. Such a system can be used in low areas, but if the office space is equipped with a outdoor space with furniture partitions and passageways between jobs, wall boxes do not fit.

    Another place of cable power network can serve as a ceiling space between the ceiling and the floor slab (usually half-empty). Sockets (electrical, computer and telephone) are replaced by functional vertical « », masts that can be installed anywhere and is easy to carry.

    In the presence of the companies high requirements to design office space system integrators perform network socket gasket under the raised floor. Today it is the most technological solution in the organization of electricians. This method is based on the possibility to use the entire surface of the floor for cabling. The advantage of this system is the easy access to any point under the floor: it is enough to raise the appropriate panel.


    Lighting – the most important issue in the interior of the office. Its task is to create the most comfortable conditions for personnel. During the construction of lighting in offices need to organize emergency and evacuation lighting: their task is functioning during a power failure all the light sources and the evacuation of people. In order to light the work area is to choose light sources, close to natural light.
    The lighting in the office can be designed in two ways:

    • direct light
    • reflected light

    Direct light in the office, usually directed at the employee desktop and maximize its highlights. And the reflected (scattered) light hits it just after reflected from the ceiling and part of the walls, which gives boleeschadyaschee eye lighting the entire space of office space. The right solution for convenient and efficient lighting in the office will be integrated application of these two methods.

    The office space is important to be equipped with a simple control of lighting, and carefully choose the appropriate lighting and equipment.

    Wiring in the office   – a laborious and responsible process that requires a professional approach. That is why the organization of the wiring in the office need to refer to a reliable company with experienced and highly qualified specialists who have all the necessary approvals.

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