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    What is the system of smart home?

    What is the system of smart home? Smart home or smart home – it is not just two wires that are connected to a motion sensor, it is a complex concept, which allows you to combine a variety of devices in a single unit. There are two categories of electronic control systems premises: first – are systems that control building, ie heating and air conditioning, electricity, fire alarm, ventilation, notification, and telecommunications. These engineering systems are separated from each other and the larger systems have been installed in the building, the more complicated its operation. The second category of – This control systems on the plot – Architectural and landscape lighting, automatic door opening, video surveillance, irrigation system, etc.

    Clever home the power of many: the hosts themselves often express wishes, what would they like to get the final result: from lighting control and video surveillance before loading washing machine or dishwasher. This automated intelligent system replaces the entire staff of attendants, in fact can work round the clock without days off or sick. This means that there will always be flowers watered, laundered linens, the house will play your favorite music, and children will be supervised.

    From the history of « Home Automation »

    What is the system of smart home? System People began to think about « Smart House » even in the middle of the last century. Even then, the Americans want to make your home more comfortable. The prototype of the modern system was considered the transfer of several types of information on a single cable, but these systems are rapidly becoming obsolete.

    Approximately look while trying to automate your home. In the early 70s he introduced the term « Smart Home », in the development of this project invested a lot of money and he looked quite profitable.

    The date of birth of the modern « Home Automation » can be considered in 1978, it had already been put into practice the idea of ​​managing a variety of sensors and systems through the house wiring. But for a long time with light including cotton, or self-opening doors shocked guests. This system was designed for 60 Hz and 110V.

    For the development of such technologies was faster, developers created the Electronic Industries Alliance, in 1992, was released the first standard electronic system that allows for equipment « smart homes » any company whose products will eventually meet the advanced technical requirements. Total participation in the development of a modern system took 15 companies. By mid-2000, worldwide more than 10 million installed automated systems « Smart Home ». Gradually the house becomes more reliable and functional. Few know that the stadiums built in London for the Olympic Games of 2012, equipped with an automation system C-Bus from companyAbout Clipsal.

    What « can » What is the system of smart home ??

    The most simple – This control of the lighting. Using the control system can monitor and adjust the light source in each room. That is, from the comfort of a bedroom or office, you can turn off the lights throughout the house or leave the subtle lighting in the hallway. Even when you are at a great distance, the owners can easily manage the lighting system.

    Smart home can simulate the presence of the owners. With the program installed in the building will turn on the lights in different rooms, but with   dusk light is switched off. If you watch from the sidelines, it creates full confidence that the house is constantly inhabited by people.

    In addition to the lighting systems, a house capable of supporting and « climate » parameters at the level of: humidity, temperature, regular airing. The system selects and includes the necessary power to heat floors, radiators and other equipment, and to the night slightly reduces the temperature to the owners was comfortable. With the climate control system host can learn about the power of wind, precipitation, temperature. The system automatically activates the air conditioning in hot weather, lowers the blinds, close the windows if it starts to rain.

    You can register for control of house original script. In the winter time automatically perform drainage of roofs and cleaning vehicles of entries from snow and ice. By the arrival to the cottage for the owner filled the pool or sauna to warm up, ventilation and air-conditioning provided. Even houseplants house pour « right » - Thanks to sensors installed system will control the lighting, temperature and humidity in all areas of the garden. Also, under the care of the house, you can leave, and aquarium fish – food will be served on time, including lighting and supply of oxygen.

    Equally important is the monitoring of security systems, for it too will see Smart House. He immediately sent a message to the control of the structures and the phone owner, if there has been an invasion of the territory or received information about the fire danger. The voice message will be sent to the owner in the event of smoke or water leakage. When you receive a signal on the return of the home system includes lighting, air conditioning, household appliances. If the children have returned home, the computer can play audio or video message from the parents. The house itself can respond to an emergency: block the pipes, turn off the electricity at the threat of fire, to block the child including dangerous electrical appliances.

    Office « Smart Home »

    System What is the system of smart home? Management There are several ways to control the automated system. The easiest – using the keypad, where each key will fit the device or indicate a sequence of actions that must be performed. For clarity, this panel can be equipped with a small display, which will display information about the status of the system.

    The most convenient and exclusive control and monitoring systems – This touch screen. This kind of control, which is a monitor image buttons commands and explanatory pictures. This monitor is transmitted to the camera and images.

    Very convenient to drive home through the « World Wide Web ». At any time the owner can learn about the condition of the house, the weather outside, the presence of people on the premises.

    Benefits « Home Automation »

    • All components of the system « smart home » working in concert. For example, when you open the window air conditioner will not start if a stranger entered the courtyard – light comes on, and when the generator does not turn on unnecessary light sources.
    • Manage all devices easily – enough to have a multi-function wireless remote or a wall panel. With the help of a panel or the remote host will be able to read all the instructions necessary for the proper management of the house, to give the system commands and monitor their implementation.
    • Engineering equipment of the house works independently. For example, heated floors, air conditioning and radiators themselves will choose the power required to maintain the desired temperature. A light on the plot without any reminders will light up in the evening, and off at dawn.
    • There is an impressive range of scenarios and conditions that make managing a home even easier. Press « No one » - And around the home turn off the light overlaps the water, and ventilation will switch to economy mode.
    • Smart Home save electricity, gas and other resources, prolongs the life of expensive equipment and household appliances.
    • Timely prevent emergencies.
    • The owner has the ability to monitor and control home systems, even at a great distance.

    Smart home provides its owner with a lot of advantages and opportunities, the number of scenarios and operating modes of the system are limited only by the imagination and the financial possibilities of the customer.  

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