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    Use of ICAM cable in the building

    Very often, after the completion of the object it is necessary to bring to it all the necessary communications, including electricity. Consider for these purposes ICAM cable, which is used to transmit electrical signals with low power at a variable voltage of 250 V and a frequency up to 1000 Hz, with a constant voltage should be as low as 350.

    The cable consists of ICAM conductor made of annealed copper wires, is used as insulation in high-density polyethylene, and the shell itself is made of rubber hose. In addition, the cable ICAM can be made both unshielded and shielded wires with all - and ICAM ICAM 7h0,35 7eh0,35 respectively. For example, cable ICAM-PM has a braid of tinned copper wires, and ICAM-R – copper. It can be operated at a temperature of minus fifty grudusov to plus sixty-five or seventy degrees Celsius and resistant to vibration loads, acoustic noise, fog, including salt and precipitation, relative humidity of 98%, and even molds. His term of service – five years. Able to withstand a hundred rollbacks, even if bending radius is five diameters.

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