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    The subtleties of the design power of a private house

    The subtleties of the design power of a private house Electric power supply of private homes is a document that you want to submit to the organization of the electricity supply at the conclusion of her contract for services. If the project is not present, connect the electricity to the house does not work, respectively, and comfortable to live in it too. For the high-rise construction company prepares papers. The owner of the cottages have to harder – all the hardships of the design lie on their shoulders. It is very important to correctly develop a plan to ensure the building of electrical energy. Otherwise, disruptions and « jumps » stress can not be avoided.

    Power supply of private homes

    Create Project electricity is difficult, so most developers turn to competent professionals. This process resembles the   an energy audit, which also seems to be all clear and simple in execution process, but, nevertheless, can not be realized by any ponder their homes to investigate the fact of heat leaks.

    Modern technologies offer virtually unlimited solutions in preparing projects. Here are some of them:

    • Cost-effective heating system. In the cold season, the cost of home heating and hot water to rise sharply, because of what residents have to give a significant part of its budget for utilities. Meanwhile, to minimize costs in several ways, for example by implementing the project heat pumps, floor heating systems or regeneration. However, these solutions require regular payments, so the approach to their preparation should be with all the responsibility.
    • Non-standard lighting. All power supply for residential houses are unique. Experimenting with the power-up, the owner is able to create an unusual interior that is illuminated by different light sources.
    • Protecting home. Electric power – it is also the possibility of installing video surveillance systems, burglar alarms, electronic locks. All this is necessary to think in advance.

    Request an individual and a simplified design of power supply of private homes and industrial sites can be in the company of « PrommashTest ». Highly qualified specialists of the organization will prepare a quality plan electrical supply to your home, listening to all your wishes and creative ideas.

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