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    Surge Protectors Home


    Surge Protectors Home By the malfunction of water pumps, monitoring systems, hot water boilers, autonomous water and heat supply can cause a voltage drop in the network. It is one of a fairly common cause, which leads to failure of the electrical equipment. Using a voltage stabilizer will help to avoid such loss or feel independent of surprises with electricity. This apparatus, which allows to maintain optimum mains voltage. Included voltage electricity network between the consumer and the power grid. The device protects equipment from high voltage pulses,   surge, subsidence and voltage surges. It automatically maintains the voltage level when deviations from the norm. The stabilizer protects the equipment from the sudden change in power.

    The benefits stabilizer SNE

    Voltage stabilizer SNE is an electromechanical servo system, which is based on an auto. It is included in the booster transformers in the primary winding. The secondary winding is connected to the rupture phase of the network. This scheme helps to smoothly adjust the supply voltage without changing the sine wave and the interruption phase. Voltage Regulators are compact and suitable for any type of load. The main advantages of these voltage regulators include:

    • greater endurance, which distinguishes it from proofreaders relay and electronic keys
    • smooth adjustment performed at a rate of twenty to fifty volts per second
    • high accuracy output voltage retention
    • no waveform distortion and noise at work
    • large carrying capacity
    • the ability to create systems with a wide range of nominal capacity
    • the widest range of correction — from one hundred eighty to two hundred volts.


    Stabilizers SNE designed to work in power networks, industrial facilities, medical facilities, cottages   and banks. Some models can be used to work in a sufficiently low voltage, which does not work the other voltage.

    Surge step

    This type of   stabilizers is considered the most reliable and widespread. His scheme is based on switching taps of autotransformer by means of electronic switches. The output voltage of the stabilizer changes in steps. When switching among different models of voltage interruption is from 2 to 12 ms. Corrector voltage are distinguished by a wide input voltage range and high accuracy to maintain it. At the same time the external network does not distort under any load changes, these proofreaders work reliably, providing effective protection against overload, pulse interference and short-circuit. This type of voltage regulator is suitable for operation in the Russian context and can be used for the protection of industrial and household appliances, such as computers, video equipment, communications equipment, medical and commercial equipment. In addition, they can provide a comprehensive food industrial equipment, offices, houses and apartments. The power ranges from 100 VA to 100 kVA.

    Surge ferroresonance

    These type of stabilizers provides a redistribution of stresses. It instantly and fast acting, distinguished by high reliability, the ability to stabilize both phase and line voltage. Ferroresonant voltage regulators are able to work in the open air. Among the disadvantages is worth noting the increased noise at work.

    Surge Protectors   LIDER

    Surge Protectors Home This kind of stabilizer is used to provide power consumers in a mains voltage deviations, significant magnitude and duration of the nominal. They protect equipment from high voltage pulses and high frequency noise. LIDER stabilizers have a wide range of output voltage and high accuracy to maintain loads. They are designed specifically for Russian conditions. There are different versions of stabilizers. The numbers in the model designation of the rated load capacity of the stabilizer, and the letter notes feature of the series. Their principle of operation is based on regulating the output voltage supplied from the autotransformer via triac electronic switch that is controlled by a microprocessor circuit. All regulators are protected against short circuit and overload.

    Surge CALM

    Single-phase regulators with power from 0.11 to 12.0 kW are used to maintain the voltage at a constant level in the single-phase alternating current having a frequency of 50 Hz.   Three-phase stabilizers having a capacity of 9 to 36 kW, is used to maintain tension in the three-phase alternating current at a constant level. They consist of three autotransformers tapped relay switched by electronic control units. Single-phase and three-phase stabilizers are used to protect computers, office equipment, home appliances and other electric radio. Only important to remember that the environment must not be explosive, it should not contain corrosive gases and vapors at concentrations that destroy insulation and metals. They are designed for continuous operation.

    Surge Saturn

    In order to ensure an optimal supply of medical equipment, computers, office equipment and various household and industrial equipment, in networks where the voltage is different from the nominal voltage regulators used Saturn. They protect the electronic equipment from atmospheric and industrial impulse noise, which are distributed on the power supply. These stabilizers help to ensure a smooth adjustment of voltage and to receive its high accuracy over a fairly wide range without distortion stress rupture and release phase noise. This allows you to work with large capacitive and inductive loads.

    This type of stabilizer due to high interference immunity ensures correct operation of the power of the diesel and gasoline generator, and the protection of electronic equipment against possible surge. The stabilizer in the event of mains failure or unsafe occurrence of deviations of output voltage disconnects the load and restore the network automatically switches. It protects the load surge, caused by welding equipment, transients and lightning. Saturn is equipped with stabilizers unified control board that is based on a microprocessor. The composition of the three-phase three-phase stabilizer is included, which are combined under the scheme « star ». They function independently. If the three-phase load is not protected from power surges, the output of the stabilizer is recommended to install the contactor, which has phase monitor.

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