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    Spot lights in the interior. How to choose and arrange the spotlights.

    Sometimes, late at night go out to the balcony to smoke – and the thoughts turning over a tired, run away, and thoughts, mostly sad. About the fact that here again detained salary, and my daughter needs some stupid striped leggings that the chandelier should be changed – son finished off the idiot did the last bowl, finally killing it. On the other hand, maybe it's for the best – always hated it trehrozhkovoe monster – simple flight of thought of the Romanian craftsmen. Looking into the night, the flickering distant stars the sky, from the thoughts of the deceased « elektrokandelyabre » I flow smoothly to pleasant dreams about what light I would like to & hellip; I pretend fantasize and suddenly decide: « Oh studded ceiling to such stars here! & Raquo; Think and forgotten – Cigarette is over.

    And once I came to a business meeting and found the limit of my dreams – ceilings in the office is a little « starry sky ». It is clear that there is no special focus is not here. Moreover, none of my friends, they do not cause the puppy dog ​​enthusiasm – spotlights, built-in suspended ceiling, quite a while not all the rage. In the West, they are generally common in an interior thing. But if we have (until recently) pinpoint ceiling lights were considered a luxury item and were affordable only to selected sections of the population, but today no one wants to keep up with European standards.

    Spot ceiling lights are not only different shapes and different colors. (I'll tell you that in the attached instructions to the purchased lamps I was promised that the « all kinds of color staining of fixtures extraordinary variety of the interior of any room, and the skillful arrangement also emphasize the originality of your lifestyle ».)

    I do not know how my dull existence can be called beautiful phrase « Lifestyle », but the lights, I decided to buy.


    Knowing people prompted to contact the company « module ». The firm promised me to provide expert assistance in the selection of the type of lamp, calculate the required room lighting, recommend the number of fixtures and their location. And of course – install. For clarity, there is an exhibition hall. Beautifully – no words, eyes are dazzled. Moreover, no other company I have not seen such a variety. Lovely girl managers very kindly chirped me how well I'll live if it (life) will cover the point ceiling lights, designed and installed by caring hands of the masters of the company « module ». It's a pity one – my pocket does not pull pay extensive (and, incidentally, a very desired) list of the services provided.

    I had to go the other way. Calling several repair companies, found that the spotlights can mount the same company that establish ceilings. Prices for installation of one fixture – 2 to $ 20. I warn you once: the turn of the « two-dollar » – month. But if you decide to buy and install ceiling light fixtures 20 $ – no problem, do not have time to call the workers will have, and even give some discount for a large amount of work: the more luminaires, the cheaper the cost of installing one.

    Of course, I stood in a queue for the installation of « two-dollar ». On the other hand, one month can to experience the types of fixtures, to decide how much they need me, just sketch the location of the ceiling. Thus I'll save money: I have to pay workers only for the installation of lighting fixtures, as they (workers) make a false ceiling.

    Another important point: the point ceiling lights can be set only on the false ceiling, that is screwed they are in the ceiling tiles. And in life it turned out that the chandelier (to replace the lost), we still have to buy, because the money will suffice only for ceiling (plus spotlights) in the bathroom. There is more necessary repairs – upper neighbors managed to pour us a hundred times, and our ceiling streaked in alone with bubble sticking out, still mindful of the currency reform of 1961, looked very sad.

    What did I learn?

    So, what do I get for my money? Tirelessly I phoned a few companies, trains on the construction trade show and shopping « World » and found: spot ceiling lights, it turns out, are turning and non-toggling. In turning spotlights – the outer part of moveable fixtures, so you can send luminous flux in the desired direction you. A non-toggling lights tightly secured in the ceiling and, therefore, focused light the same site. For your bathroom, I chose swivel fixtures. Where do I turn them something?

    In Moscow, selling point lighting for suspended ceilings, mostly made in Germany, England, Spain and Italy. Moreover, imported fixtures in our market there is a halogen, and under ordinary incandescent bulbs. Lamps as domestic production are only issued under the incandescent lamp. Design Our ceiling light sources are not too pampered, variety – too, but pleases Price: $ 1.2 per share, which is much cheaper than imported ones.

    I want to share one more important information. If you decide to call the masters that they have established point ceiling lights, keep in mind that there is a light engineering indicator lamp protection IP. This icon should be specified in the instructions (or box with lamps) and determine where to install the lamp. Follow the logic: first, it consists of two digits.

    The first indicates protection against ingress of solid particles inside the luminaire design:

    • 1 – ranging in size from 50 mm;
    • 2 – ranging in size from 12 mm;
    • 3 – ranging in size from 2.5 mm;
    • 4 – ranging in size from 1 mm;
    • 5 & ​​ndash; dust protection;
    • 6 – complete protection against dust;
    • 0 – there is no defense.

    The second shows the protection from moisture:

    • 1 – against vertically falling drops;
    • 2 – by drops of water falling at an angle of 15 & deg ;;
    • 3 – by obliquely incident spray angle of inclination of up to 60 & deg ;;
    • 4 – splash;
    • 5 & ​​ndash; against water jets;
    • 6 – from powerful water jets;
    • 7 – from temporary immersion in water;
    • 8 – by prolonged immersion in water;
    • 0 – there is no defense.

    Thus, if the instructions specified rate IP54, which means that the lamp is protected from dust and splashing water.

    If the specification is not specified indicator lamp protection, it is assumed that it is IP20. That is, it is protected from the penetration of particles with a diameter greater than 12 mm, but no protection from moisture. However, this does not mean that it is not suitable for the bathroom. According to the accepted technical rules, in homes and hotels bathroom and shower room are classified as dry areas.

    So convincing Tip: When buying liked lamp should pay attention to this indicator.

    In addition, the ceiling spot lighting devices are divided into under incandescent and halogen lamps under. Latest smaller than incandescent lamps. But that's where the differences do not end there.

    Spot lights with incandescent lamps

    Spot lights in the interior. How to choose and arrange the spotlights. If you raise your head, look at any chandelier – you will see it light bulbs. Every schoolboy knows – this is an incandescent lamp. But those who are poorly studied and in general was worst truants, explain. Incandescent (which, by the way, this year celebrated 120 years) – a source of light emitter in the form of wire (thread or helix) of refractory metal (usually tungsten), which is an incandescent electric current to a temperature of 2200 – 3000 & deg; C. Thus the filament wire is placed in a vacuum in a glass flask.


    Figure. 1.
    Standard design
    non-rotating point
    lamp under the lamp
    A – the outer diameter of the lamp
    In – installation depth
    C – Bore

    So, in point ceiling lights are usually used is not simple, and mirror lamp. This is when the top (if it is already screwed into the ceiling, then it is – bottom) of the flask is covered with a mirror layer. It protects the design of the lamp from overheating, and at the same time the lamp is brighter. At the same time another part of the bulb is matte, and light from it even, absent-minded.


    Figure. 2.
    Standard design point for non-rotating lamp bulb
    with protective cover:
    A – the outer diameter of the lamp
    In – installation depth
    C – Bore

    In principle, this lamp should not burn for a long time – 600 – 1000 hours! This means that if you spend in the bathroom for about an hour a day, then change the light bulb will have to once every two years. Of course, under the condition that the lamp is made by the company, which assures you of this lifetime, and if you have not bought the goods from the hands or on the market. And this valuable information is contained in the specifications signed by the manufacturer.


    Figure. 3.
    Standard design rotary spot lamp under an incandescent lamp:
    A – the outer diameter of the lamp
    In – installation depth
    C – Bore

    The design of the lamp for incandescent lamps come in two forms: U-shaped, open (as shown in Fig. 1), and closed, with protective cover (Fig. 2). The casing protects the lamp from the condensate, so it can be used in wet areas.

    True, lamps with incandescent bulbs, there is one drawback. The fact that the size of the valve, which, in fact, will be locked up by the hanger plate, from 8 to 12 cm. This means, that these centimeters your example, already low ceiling would be even lower. But on the other hand, if the incandescent ever blows, it is much lighter and easier to change than the « galogenki ». A light bulb will have to be simple, as usual, to unscrew and screw the new one. And with the « galogenki » will first have to remove the retainer ring, and then put the new.

    Spotlights with halogen incandescent lamps

    Halogen – it is also an incandescent lamp. Just its internal structure in some way different from a simple bulb. Firstly, the size of the glass cones. In the halogen lamp is several times smaller. And secondly – inner filling. From a simple lamp, as we know, removed air (tungsten filament – in a vacuum). We « galogenki » the filament is placed in a flask filled with a mixture of inert gas with a halogen (usually iodine or bromine). It is this mixture of « galogenki » (under identical with the ordinary light bulb Ilyich capacity) provides much more light.

    Spot lights in the interior. How to choose and arrange the spotlights. The range halogen bulbs much richer than conventional lamps. For example, in the spotlights is inserted halogen lamps with reflectors. Reflector – a small cone-shaped bowl, covered with a mirror layer. Diffuser can be open or with safety glass that protects the bulb itself from dirt, dust and playful ruchonok.

    I want to tell you how to change the blown halogen lamp (without reflector or reflector, but without the protective glass). So, in any case, do not touch the glass cones with his bare hands! No, I will not kill you, but the light bulb can be seriously hurt, more than that – she will go out forever. The reason is this: the bulb light bulb is made of fused quartz, and if you touch a flask in it will certainly remain bold print. Fat causes the crystallization of quartz, because of what the bulb is destroyed, and the lamp burns out. To avoid this, it is necessary to keep the new lamp (when replacing) cloth or piece of paper.

    Figure. 4.
    Standard design rotary spot lamp for halogen lamp

    Lamps with halogen bulbs have one indisputable advantage: when installing these fixtures suspended ceiling is lowered by only 3,5 – 6 cm, precisely because they are smaller than ordinary lamps with light bulbs. It is clear that they are much easier, and cheaper to use in rooms with low ceilings.

    If the « galogenki » quality and you'll deal with them, as expected, it does not burn out your lights for even longer than incandescent bulbs, – from 2000 to 4000 hours. So you can not worry (in the sense of replacing burnt out bulbs) for almost ten years!

    Figure. 5.
    Standard design point non-rotating fixture for halogen lamp

    But I warn you: this remarkable guarantee given only « monsters tube production », for example, the German company « Osram » (Osram) and American « GE » (General Electric). In the markets, I saw a lot of cheap « galogenok » « made in Asia ». Alas, the quality of this product is directly proportional to the price: the lower it is, the less light. And people who know me say that very often the forgery is virtually impossible to determine either the packaging or appearance, nor the price. You will learn that you slipped a fake, but the house – speed burnout.

    Spotlights with halogen bulbs will cost a whole more expensive than ordinary lamps with incandescent bulbs. In the sense that the first purchase and installation will cost big money. But then there will be no worries, no hassle. (For example, the transition to halogen lighting in department store « Tagansky » cost savings on electricity costs more than doubled, and paid for new equipment for 3 months.) In addition, halogen bulbs provide directional light beam, you can choose a light bulb with an angle of dispersion from 8 to 60 & deg ;. This is done via the ribs on the mirror surface of the reflector – this « narrow » focus is particularly good if you need to illuminate most clearly any individual (or very valuable) thing to your home decor.

    « galogenki » calculated at 220 and 12 volts. The service life of 220-volt lamps 2000 hours, 12 V – 4000. It would seem better to buy a 12-voltovku and screwing her out to be, to enjoy life. But in our homes wiring, as is known, is designed for 220 volt power – therefore certainly need a transformer that will convert the voltage from 220 volts to 12. The trouble is that this device can burn, but to change it, it is necessary to disassemble practically the entire design of your ceiling.

    The thing is, you see, troublesome, and independently make this manipulation is virtually impossible. However, experts of the company caused you cope with this work quickly and smartly. But, of course, for some money.


    As a rule, all firms that sell spotlights, sell and bulbs and transformers. Decide what kind of transformer is required, very simple. Power bulbs used multiplied by the number. And the result shows how powerful must be the transformer. The more powerful transformer, the more expensive it is. And correspondingly larger. When mounted ceiling, this must be considered.

    As I told the staff of the company « Lebanon » (Lival), often buy a small power transformer on a group of lights, so the ceiling in one room will take several transformers. In this case, if you break one transformer, the rest will continue to work « for myself and for the guy », and hence – at least a few light bulbs will continue to properly cover your body lathered (if, for example, lights are mounted in the ceiling, is located in your bathroom). Furthermore, since it is possible also to save money – small power transformer is cheaper, and the replacement of a blown also cost a lesser amount.

    When choosing a transformer, note that most commercially available induction and electronic forms of this miracle of electronics. Induction transformers weigh only 1,5 – 2 kg, the experts consider them to be reliable, moreover, these transformers and relatively inexpensive. Electronic transformers are lighter and smaller in size, but usually fail, and more. For them, if possible, should take into account the length of the wires connecting the transformer and light bulbs, because at a distance of two meters further (transformer) starting power loss due to wire resistance.



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