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    Set of tools for cutting a cable type NYM or VVG

    The rapid growth of the market of electrical work is now placing increased demands on electric installation tools. When it comes to professional wiring, the main criteria for the choice of instrument certainly are: quality of processing consumables, ease of use, versatility, reliability and service life of the unit. These are all important quality tool provides the installer the advantage of speed, significantly improving productivity.

    With all the variety of the proposed wiring tool currently defined in choosing the right option is quite difficult. The undisputed leader in the production of professional tools for working with cable and wire is a German company Weidmuller , known to many as a manufacturer of high-quality switching equipment.

    Among the wide range of electrical instrument company Weidmuller particularly popular with installers received a set of two tools for cutting a cable type or VVG NYM. To remove the outer sheath of the cable used tool AM 25 , acting on the principle of the circular blade; Stripping with internal wiring is used stripping tool Stripax , which has become a name synonymous with professional-linemen.

    When cutting cables and wires by conventional methods using a knife and side cutters on the installer required certain skills, and processing quality was not always satisfactory, so installation time is directly dependent on the tool used and abilities installer.

    Cutting three-core cable type NYM 7 seconds (!) untrained person becomes possible with the use of tools AM 25 and Stripax company Weidmuller . All that is required of the installer - it put Stripping length!

    Set of tools for cutting a cable type NYM or VVG strippers AM 25 is designed to work with a round cable with PVC insulation. Diameter of the cable, from 4.5 to 25 mm. The device consists of a comfortable handle, spring-loaded head with the possibility of fine adjustment of the projecting blade (4.5 mm insulation thickness), the rotary cutter mechanism (90 ° to 0 ° relative to the cable) and the spring-loaded capture angle. This original design AM 25 allows you to cut out portions of the insulation in the any place cable. Possibility of rotation of the plane of the knife can cut the insulation circumferentially along the cable, even in a spiral. Adjusting the length of the blade ensures the safety of the underlying layers of insulation and the cable screen; when required, the device can be adjusted at the end of the cable. The complete AM 25 includes a spare blade, located in the handle.

    Set of tools for cutting a cable type NYM or VVG Another essential tool for working with wire is stripping tool Stripax . This device allows you to remove the PVC insulation with solid and stranded conductors from 0,08 to 6 mm² without any adjustments. All that is required by the installer, it set the stripping length using mobile stop wire (length 20 mm). Cables with multilayer insulation may be stripped of several "passes" without intermediate setting. Also, this tool is present cutter, performing a "clean" cut without break and jam live conductor. It is hard to imagine any way of stripping of stranded wires of less than 1 mm², however, with the help of Stripax This operation is carried out in one motion, while there is no cropping or stretching the extreme living.

    Set of tools for cutting a cable type NYM or VVG High performance Stripax , is ensured by the special design of the two working jaws, knives, which consist of packs of 30 plates fixed on the basis of an elastic plastic. Thus, with the bilateral pressure cutting blades, a number of plates resiliently deforms and bends around the profile wire, cutting the insulation into contact with the conductor. Tool body made of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass, which makes the tool is very durable, designed for heavy duty.

    Through the application of the manufacturer in the production of high quality materials and tools Precision Mechanics, resource Stripax , the manufacturer, is 350 thousand operations. Like any professional equipment tool firms Weidmuller has a relatively high cost, but at the same time is the most profitable in the calculation of the cost of a single transaction in accordance with the long service life and high reliability.

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