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    Royal Lighting

    Royal Lighting When we remembered crystal chandeliers, immediately comes to mind is a lot of epithets. Crystal has long been considered a luxury interior on a par with the precious metals.

    Today crystal is most often used in the manufacture of chandeliers, especially famous Bohemian crystal chandeliers. Thanks to the imagination of designers, today you can get not only the classic crystal chandelier, but also to find such to any interior. Unlike glass chandeliers, crystal is used in the manufacture of lead. Also, given the material, crystal requires a special cut a fine work, which gives such a chandelier that unusual brilliance.

    Types crystal

    Interestingly, since the invention crystal George Reyvenskroftskim in 1674 hardly changed the technology of production. Of course, modern equipment can only speed up the process. The essence of the invention is that it is added to the glass of lead, and the result made an indelible impression on him.

    Standard content of lead oxide in crystal 24%, but it is believed that the higher the figure, the more expensive and better crystal itself. For example, crystal, used for the production of lamps from Swarovski has an index of 30%. Lead crystal calls when outside the lead oxide ranges from 25 to 30 percent. But in the US it is considered to be a crystal glass article if it contains at least 1% lead oxide. Such products are not particularly pleasing to the eye, so be careful if you offer a crystal from the United States.

    But not only take the lead gives the result. For example, back in the glass added barium oxide and barium get crystal. The finished product of barium oxide is about 18%, but from lead crystal barium no different brightness. Valuable as the so-called « Bohemian » crystal, which is used for manufacturing potassium-lime glass. This gives the finished product gloss and durability.

    Secrets of the Masters

    Crystal can be done by hand and blowing as usual glass. By the way, there are more pressed crystal. So besides materials is very important and their method of manufacture, each in its own effect on the cleanliness and brightness of the finished product.

    If you want to buy a crystal chandelier definitely handmade, while looking on the product label « hand made », because in these chandeliers it must necessarily be present. Like hundreds of years ago, these chandeliers are made using glass-blowing tubes.

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