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    Power supply from "Catharsis"

    Among the huge number of engineering companies « Catharsis » considered one of the most advanced. It owns a unique complex projects and complete construction of energy facilities. The company is also engaged in the maintenance of energy systems already installed.

    The equipment from the company « Catharsis »

    In addition to the design work, the company « Catharsis » is a direct supplier of power equipment from abroad. All mounted and the proposed installation are brought from our own warehouse, located in St. Petersburg. Among the products offered by « Catharsis » you can:

    • buy a diesel generator;
    • buy uninterruptible power supply (UPS);
    • Marine UPS;
    • gas-fired power station;
    • specialized energy equipment;
    • Container power.

    In stock companies especially large range of diesel power. They are classified by make, power, built-in tank volume and other technical parameters. Some models have a wide range of options, and the product comes complete with special accessories. All products are European market leaders in independent power supply.

    Services Company « Catharsis »

    A huge number of modern enterprises, offices and data centers in need of independent power supply. From the uninterrupted supply of electricity depends on the durability and performance of computer equipment, control systems automated processes and conservation of important data. In this regard, the company's services « Catharsis » They are the most relevant. The main ones are:

    • energy audits;
    • design;
    • Complex commissioning;
    • subsequent maintenance of diesel generator sets;
    • repair generators;
    • repair and maintenance of uninterruptible power supply;
    • Here you can buy diesel power at competitive prices, and other related equipment.

    « Catharsis » It focuses not only on the performance of individual parts of the energy systems, but also makes the whole TPP « turnkey ». UPS, container and other power equipment which entered into service employees of the company during the years of its operation, the sum can give more than 200 MW of power.


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