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    Light my lamp ...

    Diversity and   high consumer qualities of light bulbs that are now available in the   stores simply dazzling! When selecting the light source must be remembered that the lamp power   - this is not the most important thing. Today at the forefront criteria such as efficiency, durability, environmental security, decorative.

    New always with   difficulty making headway. The light bulb was no exception. There just were no objections raised against its use! At the end of XIX   century opponents of the use of electricity in the   life several arguments in   use of kerosene and   gas lamps. Some, for example, believed that the use of light bulbs is problematic, not yet developed tools such as a needle to clean the nozzles and   their brush to remove soot from   lamp glass. Others thought that the standard kerosene lamp can do all the things that make electrical, and   still much beyond that. Now such criticism seems naive, and   the dignity of the light bulb is not being questioned.

    The XXI   century Tungsten includes updated and   so perfect that   It is sometimes difficult to know her ancestress   - Edison lamp. Lamps of the new millennium do not need to compete with the   other light sources.


    But it does not mean that the manufacturers of resting on their laurels. The emergence of new species and   lamp types   - not a whim of designers and   manufacturers. Their creative imagination fueled impulses that send them to us, the consumers.

    We need lights for different types of lighting, different rooms, various, sometimes unusual shape lampshades. As the lights of former times did not differ diversity,   their purpose irrespective of used   mainly traditional incandescent bulbs. Once it is all arranged. Now the market situation has changed dramatically. The   flat or curved lampshade whimsically our good old-fashioned incandescent light bulb just does not fit. The   luxurious crystal chandeliers, it does look like something out of place, although you so much time and   effort spent, choosing the right lamp, which, according to your plan, among other things yet to decorate the interior. What to do?

    The answer is given the best producers of light sources, such as the German company OSRAM. Diversity and   high consumer qualities of light bulbs that we can now buy at   stores simply dazzling!

    First of all, nobody is going to give up the traditional incandescent bulbs. Yes,   They have flaws, and   material.


    1. They uneconomical , because it transferred a significant portion of the electricity in the   the heat: in the production of light takes only 5-10% of energy consumption, so the room in   the main not illuminated, and   is heated.
    2. They quickly burn .

    But   at the same time a soft pleasant light is able to create a cozy and homely atmosphere, make our vacation after a busy day and calm   full. Consequently, the   we should be lamps that shine brighter and   work longer. And   these lamps are! Use krypton increases the brightness of the lamp by 10% compared to the   normal, and   siliconized inner surface of the bulb provides a soft, no glare. A   more advanced lamp can endure shocks and   tremors, due to additional coil holders.

    In the fight for the consumer to take bold fluorescent and   halogen lamps.

    The advantage of halogen lamps in the   is that at the same power consumption are given in   twice as much light and   serve   3-4   times longer.

    When electricity rates are increasing, I remember one of the objections of opponents of electric lamps, which argued that it was unlikely anyone would want to have them at the   at home, knowing that the electricity supply does not control it, and   the administrator power. Of course, we depend on electricity producers, but technical progress can not be stopped, can not return to the   candles and   the kerosene stove. Only one way   - to reduce costs. The   this will help to halogen lamps, which can save up to 80% energy. To   besides,   they more natural color reproduction , and   the small size   - a real godsend for designers: do not need wires to   a large cross section and   more ammo.

    Fluorescent lamps can provide coverage over the spectrum, like daylight. Until recently, the   such lamps in Russia   life used rarely. This was due to the   features of our economic situation.

    Then the electricity was relatively cheap, and   the lamp, whose production is based on high technologies, pricey. To   In addition, they require stability characteristics of the electric current in the   network. But   Recently, we increasingly think about the   to light in the   the house was larger, and   we paid less for electricity. The new generation of fluorescent lamps will help us solve the   this difficult task, since they are run instantly and   without blinking, not blinking, provide bright even light, and   serve   two times longer than their predecessors.

    The savings can be achieved, and   by reducing the luminous flux. It often happens that there is a bright light in the evening, we need only a few minutes, and   to   other times we are quite content with calm dim lighting. We used to such changes would require at least two lamps, and   is now quite a miracle lamp. If you turn it off, and   then   for three seconds, then on again, the brightness decreases by 50%, and   the current consumption is reduced. Here it is   - the real source of savings!

    If such a diversity you find it difficult to make a choice, think about the   what light sources you will use as the   both   using them to cover. The power   - is not the most important thing. At the forefront criteria such as efficiency, durability, environmental security, decorative.

    Modern lighting fixtures market gives us the opportunity to focus more on the design of the room. A   to   this issue are no trifles. The bulb must also look stylish.


    And replace boring monotonous forms come teardrop-shaped, Candle, cylindrical and   pear-shaped lamps. A   there is still a lamp-tubes, drop-shaped lamps with   a conical dome lights-balls. It integrated into the   bedroom interior lamp, which do not need a lamp shade. Its main advantages   - perfect shape, soft glare-free light, optimal sizes, through which she, in addition to its core functions, can serve as an excellent decorative element.

    Imagine this situation: You spent a lot of effort and   resources to find luxury chandelier and   to   this chandelier lights in sight. Why would you screw the ordinary lamps. Yes, they will spoil you found with   so hard crystal treasure! Do not despair, look for one of the latest developments   - the lamp «Candle in the Wind» . For all its merits   - efficiency, brightness, and   long life   - it also   very beautiful!

    We often think about   the impact of different household appliances on our health. And   light source   - is no exception. Everyone knows that there is a direct connection between light and   sight. Lamp manufacturers managed to rid us of the many problems that can cause poor-quality lighting. About   that there were lights that work without flickering light, we have already spoken. By purchasing these lamps, everything else you care about, and   to   your health. The same applies to   to   lamps with   matte finish: giving a bright light, they do not dazzle the eye and   do not give a glare.

    One of the ways to improve consumer properties of bulbs   - their environmental safety . Therefore, in our market appeared fluorescent lamps with   reduced mercury content and   decorative lights of several colors, with the   colorful coating does not contain cadmium. More safely and   halogen lamps, special glass which delays the ultraviolet radiation in the   large amounts harmful to humans.

    The concept of "security" and includes   to protect our homes from intruders. Sometimes we have for some time to leave their cozy apartment, leaving in the   travel in   or a tourist trip to the country. Dark windows give the absence of the owners, which sometimes leads to   rather sad consequences.

    You can put the apartment on the alarm system, you can ask the neighbors to look after the house, and   You can only buy light bulbs that are automatically included with the   nightfall. The light in the   your windows will stop sign for fans to profit at the expense of others.

    Certainly in the   your home a lot of beautiful things: paintings on the walls, a collection of colored porcelain or exotic shells, trinkets dear to the heart in the chest ... It decorates your home and   looks great in the daylight. But you certainly would like to see in the evening, when the window dusk, they looked no less impressive. That's what's the   there is a accent lighting , which we often call highlighting . In order to paint the paintings were perceived more naturally use the lamps, the ability to accurately transmit color contrasts. You can also buy special lamps for lighting collections placed in the   the limited space, for example,   a glass display case.

    for women is very important to highlight the mirror   - because it is often dependent on the quality of make-up and   success   affairs. And   he will surely come when you will use lamps with the   mirror coating of the dome. Gold plating gives warm light, and   silver   - cold.

    Do not forget the   on   the little corners of nature, which are so necessary to urban residents. Probably no one home or office where you do not see the houseplants . A   they are known to be very sensitive to the   a lack of lighting. With   using well-chosen bulbs you can help them survive the long winter, and   they   award will delight you with emerald leaves and   bright colors.

    More and   more often in the   there are a variety of rooms tanks with the   the fish of the southern seas. To illuminate the aquarium also need special lamps with   will be provided by means of which the required level of illumination for the normal development of plants, and   for the life of exotic representatives of the underwater world.

    In the world of light has its own "Gulliver"   - for the lighting of large areas, streets, for film and   shooting   - and   their "Lilliputians" our irreplaceable assistants in   the home. Open the refrigerator   - no bulb-baby you have to navigate to the touch. And this light has to withstand the cold, without raising the temperature of the ambient air. A   here is her colleague to illuminate the oven need to be tested for survival in the   under heat. All of these, and   more about a great many other bulbs thinking designers and   the producers. It remains only to make the right choice.

    Comes evening, and   all around us lit thousands of large and   small electric stars, which we   the daily bustle may be, and   do not notice. But without them, how dull and   boring would our world!

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