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    Laser devices for construction and decoration

    Laser precision in construction.
    Modern technology has made more efficient hand tools – chisel replaced hammer, electric drill replaced the mechanics in the theodolite and levels were electronic computing modules, and conventional construction string, squares and plumb lines, gradually giving way to the laser device (hereinafter, PL).
    About the laser equipment for construction and decoration.
    Laser plummet and level, laser level and rotating laser, laser marker and a builder, a laser rangefinder and Roulette – All these names are related to the modern and effective tools used in the breakdown of land, construction of buildings, decoration, installation of communications. These devices allow you to build a base horizontal, vertical or inclined plane, directly on the wall, floor, ceiling and monitor them visually or with special receivers and leveling rails.
    LP problem
    It is even a laser beam successfully replaces the conventional plumb spirit level, metal square, building a string or cord, and even roulette, especially at distances up to 200 meters. How much easier and more accurate to erect walls, columns, set the door frame or window when visually you can control the deviation from the vertical by means of passing them the red line of the laser beam, just tied to the vertical, and with the help of laser roulette allowing to measure distances up to inaccessible areas . LP allows you to quickly and conveniently check the horizontal and the overall level of the foundation design slope water pipe or drain, plan slopes of land, install a fence and siding control laying bricks and tiles, to produce markup beacons for mounting ceiling and fill the floor, mounted telescopic gates roof, to help everyone, without exception, to do their job effectively.

    How operate LP
    Many are familiar with the laser pointer, playing with that, children are often sent to the red dot of the laser on the items. This principle is used laser for projection horizontal, vertical, inclined plane, or point directly on the work surface. Nowhere is this show pictures:


    Inside the device is generally a laser LED red, with a capacity of about one mW and wavelength of 633 – 670 nm, referring to the second class of lasers, the alleged lack of additional protection for the eyes. LED is in a fairly rugged, and with the help of an electronic circuit interacts with the control panel and is powered. In order to focus the radiation of the LED to a point or a line to receive the used optical elements of different shapes (cylindrical, conical, etc.)
    Laser transmitter can be rigidly fixed inside the device or is in a free hanging condition for self-regulation. The self-leveling LP uses « the principle of the pendulum » - The radiator is suspended inside the device and install the surface itself is aligned with respect to the ground and gives the exact horizontal, vertical or inclined projection beam. To reduce the time to balance the pendulum transducer is often used magnetic cushion formed embedded in the bottom of the unit magnets. In more complex LP uses a system similar to the gyroscope, which operates with the help of electronics built into the instrument servos transmitter, allowing it to be balanced and even set the desired slope.
    Devices with self-balancing radiator are often equipped with automatic notification of critical tilt of the body (usually more than 5% from the horizontal), which allows to avoid erroneous projections and measurements.
    Just put the device on a relatively flat surface and switch – the device automatically balances the emitter relative to the horizon for a few seconds and & hellip; Getting Started!
    Laser Level
    Inside the laser level (hereafter LU) transmitter is fixed with respect to the alcohol and can design a bubble point to a remote location on the same level and the same vertical plane, at the same time performing the role of the level and stretched string between the level and point of view. Level Stabila 70LJ single emitter can be bought at the price of 2250 rubles.
    One of the most popular models LU Stabila 70LJ P + L is manufactured by the German company Stabila and has two perpendicularly arranged transmitter that can be used for a wider range of work (Figure 1). Another novelty is represented on the Russian market the German company Geo-Fennel – This protractor MultiDigitPro with integrated laser transmitter and digital protractor/level, allowing both design point level, and measure the angle deviation of the measured surface from the horizontal (Figure 2). The company Geo-Fennel releases Pocket Laser Level/cord Long Linner for fixing flush fixtures shelves, paintings, etc. He simply leaned against the wall and it will design an LED on it a straight line at right angles to you – just turn the unit to the desired angle (Fig. 3).
    Laser builders horizontal and vertical plane (hereinafter BOB)
    Palm among LP for finishing hold appliances, allowing to build different versions of intersecting horizontal and vertical beams 90 & deg ;. Simply crossing vertical and horizontal forms on the work surface « laser cross » projections of two red lines. Each model BOB can build:
    & Oslash;           from one to four vertical lines (projection planes by 4 walls of the room);
    & Oslash;           one horizontal scan line to 360 & deg; (on the wall close to the projection horizon line and cross it with a vertical projection);
    & Oslash;           projection of a point up to the ceiling (the upper laser plummet);
    & Oslash;           projection of a point down on the floor (lower laser plummet)
    Laser Builder plane BOIF < i> APL -1
    The main producers of LPP in Europe are the company Geo-Fennel, Stabila (Germany), Agatec (France), Zircon, Trimble (USA). Most LLP sold in Russia under other names, are either a copy of the products of these companies (in another building or another color) and are made to order (usually more expensive), or manufactured in China or Taiwan, often with lower build quality. But in China, there are high-quality devices. This is the LLP, which is issued at the Beijing Optical and Mechanical Plant (BOIF) – APL-1, proposed in the Russian market a bit more expensive 4100 rubles. It   made of high quality plastic and has a rubber outer casing that protects the instrument when dropped. LLP can design three lines at a time – one horizontal and two vertical lines projected onto the walls at 90 & deg; relative to the center of the radiator device. This device is used to simultaneously mark two vertical walls, located at 90 & deg ;. APL-1 is one of the most affordable, and its emitter is closed   black plastic bezel with the slots for the beams in the shape of a cross, which makes the glass less vulnerable to accidental bumps and drops than similar devices of Triax Series LS.

    Scan the projection of the laser beam is limited by the lens mount of the pendulum and the radiator. This means that the projected one side of the laser plane is limited to   a circumference with a horizontal angle 0-90 & deg; (depending on model), and can be increased using additional emitters disposed perpendicularly to each other. When you turn the device on its axis can lead to displacement of the horizon if the LLP is not equipped with special swivel mount a limb and handle fine-tuning, such as the models FL-50 Multi-Linner and FL-50 Plus German company Geo-Fennel. Incidentally, the latter provides an exemplary scan at 270 & deg; Horizontal   line and the vertical line and 360 & deg; a second vertical line, located perpendicular to the first, making it virtually inaccessible to competitors.
    Laser gon (builder of the right angle)
    Laser polygon belongs to the category of builders planes fixed transmitter and projects two lines at 90 & deg; relative to each other on the floor or the wall (the working surface). It is a good tool for monitoring the working axes, and is widely represented in the Russian market two models – Square Linner German company Geo-Fennel and LT-80 companies Triax.   Unfortunately, this device can not replace the plastic crosses to withstand the seams between the tiles in one dimension and is used only for monitoring the working axes (put to test, and then removed at the time of laying the next tile many times during the operation). Model LT-80 is too heavy (weight 3.4 kg) to constantly put it, lift and remove the control works with the stated accuracy of 4 mm to 10 m and more than three times more expensive Square Linner (claimed error of 3 mm to 10 m), making the device the company Geo-Fennel more practical.
    Multi-beam laser tool
    From the name of this group of laser builders clear that these devices are projected onto the surface of the laser points are intended to mark the holes are perpendicular to each other on several surfaces. In the most advanced models of this type of system is used five points: two vertical upwards and downwards from the device two horizontal right and left and one right in front of the device, which allows to mark any carcass structure disposed   right, left, top, bottom and front of the device .
    Laser builder points Multi - Pointer
    While the Russian market presents three similar device – RT-7610-5 (Robotoolz), PLS-5 (Pacific Laser System) and the Multi-Pointer from the company Geo-Fennel. According to the specs the most accurate is the German Multi-Pointer (Fig. 4), and included in his set multifunctional mount (allows you to attach the device to the wall, tripod screw 5/8 ” or a 1/4 & rdquo ;, wooden surfaces on nails or metal at a magnet), its output forward. It should be noted that the price of analogues in the region of 12-13 thousand rubles, the price of Multi-Pointer looks more attractive.
    Laser level (Builder full horizontal plane)
    Laser builders horizontal or vertical projection with a radius of 360 & deg; They called levels, which are almost completely replaced the builders of planes of this segment of the laser builders. After laser builder with suspended inside the compensator can give only a horizontal projection, at the same time, almost any laser level can be used both in horizontal and vertical position, are often operated in different modes (point, line, and laser cut) and use it with receiver and/or remote control.
    Laser level Agatec M-10
    One of the last builders in the Russian market is a builder PLS-360 (Pacific Laser System) with a value of more than 14 thousand rubles today. Its direct competitor is the Laser Level M-10 French company Agatec. At a cost of less than 9000 rubles this unit can:
    & Oslash;           used to build both horizontal and vertical planes;
    & Oslash;           operate in a point, line and laser closed segment;
    & Oslash;           controlled with remote/y, which is included in the package;
    & Oslash;           mounted on different surfaces and on the strap with a built multifunctional attachment;
    & Oslash;           set ramp;
    The closest analogue of this leveling is almost an exact replica of the company with Triax model LT-60 at almost 40% higher than the value of the French Agatec M-10.
    How to choose the device
    In the Russian market the most widely presented German company Geo-Fennel, Stabila, the French company Agatec, Beijing Opto-Mechanical Plant, which indicates the strong demand and high popularity precisely on the LP data producers. When choosing a laser builder must take into account the following aspects:
    1.                 It should be as fully and clearly define the tasks for which you will need a laser builder;
    2.                 Our consultants will help you with the search and processing of information about the devices;
    3.                 Visit our Trade and Exhibition Hall and see the device itself;
    4.                 Do not skimp on versatility to the detriment of the quality of work;
    5.                 Do not buy appliances bad external execution from an unknown seller, is to give priority to well-known brands of equipment;
    6.                 Do not overpay extra money for a more expensive European instrument, if there is an analogue produced by famous factories in China – it will save you money, allow trained to work with the device and will be a wonderful gift to your friend when you are thinking to buy a more prestigious and advanced model of the European manufacturer.
    7.                 Check error with which the device builds plane. Very often, especially for laser levels, high accuracy can cause a limited number of functions;
    8.                 Do not forget that devices operating with a receiver, the transmitter has a different wavelength, which can be the cause of a brighter beam of radiation.
    9.                 The laser beam is best seen through special glasses that can be purchased from the seller of laser builder, they really help you in your work for the small reward that gets provider;
    10.         Remember – Accuracy is always welcome! This will save you time, money and nerves, as well as to make a good impression on the customer.
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