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    Lamps for suspended ceilings

    Lamps for suspended ceilings In recent years, most of the modern buildings have been designed the installation of suspended ceilings, which are considered the best solution for homes and offices buildings. This type of ceiling coating is durable, and its diversity makes it possible to implement any ideas.   In this regard, the use of recessed luminaire is considered the most common and convenient method for lighting.

    Equally important   for general interior is the choice of fixtures and their installation literate, since simultaneously with the requirements for the interior design and changed the requirements for coverage. This became important criteria zoning, mobility and diversity. In any indoor artificial light should have multiple sources.  

    Recessed Lamps for suspended ceilingsbyvayut three types: modular, and LED spot. Today,   manufacturers of lighting fixtures offer a variety of options, depending on the purpose of the premises and its type.

    Advantages of luminaires for suspended ceilings

    Lamps for suspended ceilings are easy to install, they   do not stand on the surface of the ceiling and do not occupy the space.   With these lamps you can   create unusual lighting effects. For example, choose soft and diffused light or bright and CFL. You can use them to illuminate only a separate part of the room or place bright illumination of the entire space. This is an important part of the design.

    Spotlights for suspended ceilings

    The components of the system spots for suspended ceilings can be several groups of light sources, each of them illuminates a separate zone of space and is connected to a separate switch. Name spotlights suspended ceiling due to the fact that they have a small beam angle spread and can illuminate a small area, emphasizing it.

    Depending on the design recessed for false ceilings distinguish between two types of — fixed and movable. In the outer part of moveable fixtures mobile, it allows you to direct the flow of light to any point. According to the type of lamps used are halogen spotlights or ordinary incandescent bulbs. Halogen — This energy-saving lamps, which have a relatively high cost. Easier to use and cheaper to operate the lamp filament. More suitably recessed spotlights used in residential areas — in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. They perfectly complement the interior and feature low power consumption.

    Modular fixtures for false ceilings  

    Modular fixtures — elements that correspond to modules ceiling. Typically, these lamps have a square or rectangular shape. The most commonly used plastic material is used. Modular fixtures are executed in any color.   For suspended ceilings produce special lighting fixtures, made in the form of elongated panels that contain reflectors, fluorescent lamps and decorative grilles. With modular designs created by direct lighting, which is directed from the ceiling down, so they set a few lights in the room.

    Modular Lamps for suspended ceilingsmozhno mounted anywhere, cassette or ceiling tile. The excellent combination of decorative qualities, functionality and ease of installation makes it possible to use this type of lighting fixtures for hardware facilities that are designed for offices, trading floors, banks, schools, exhibition spaces, galleries, sports halls, administrative buildings, shops and hotels.

    LED lamps for suspended ceilings  

    Increasingly popular in recent years has become the use of LED lights. They are used for outdoor lighting   and lighting and non-residential premises. This powerful energy-saving lamps, but they have a relatively high cost. Therefore, LED lighting is best suited as an auxiliary light and lighting in the office.

    Adjustment of lighting in the ceiling  

    Suspended ceiling — system consisting of a metal frame, mounted on the ceiling, and modular elements — plates, strips, panels and cassettes. Outside the plane of the ceiling formed by modular elements, which are made of different materials — aluminum or plastic drywall. When installing the ceiling between the metal frame and the ceiling formed by the space used for the installation of fixtures.

    Specialist located in front of fixtures on the ceiling, ready for them to overlap special base, they summed communication. The location is determined by the lamps prior to installation of modular elements. Only after their installation in places where there are bases, make the holes necessary size and is mounted to the ceiling light fixtures.

    Features of the application of fixtures for false ceilings  

    For the lighting design space in the living areas are more suitable spot lights, and for the rational use of modular offices. When illuminated large areas spotlights for ceilings are used in various combinations. For example, to create a   scattered light and cold small ceiling lights placed along the upper perimeter of the room. They reflect the light off the ceiling and give most of it back, dispersing evenly throughout the room. Through this space it is weightless and transparent.

    Properly placed Lamps for suspended ceilingsmogut create specific accents in the interior, to adjust its geometry and the mask that should be left in the shadows. Regardless of the type of premises, it is important to remember that the choice of lighting depends on how comfortable and cozy to stay in it. Lighting design is important for the health of the eye, it can stimulate the brain and contribute to good rest. In this regard, the selection of lighting must be approached with the utmost seriousness, deciding it on the stage of development of interior design.

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