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    How to make a chandelier with his hands. The ideas and options.

    The original chandeliers and lamps may add any song in the interior, and products made with their own hands and completely unique. They create mood and atmosphere, bring zest to your home and give a genuine pleasure. Chandeliers, which can be purchased at any store, or the same type, or too expensive, so it's time to arm themselves with tools, materials, and, of course, a little bit of patience and make interesting original chandeliers with their own hands.

    Lamp with their hands out bottles and disposable tableware

    Many people on the balcony or in the pantry entire deposits accumulate unnecessary plastic packaging and disposable tableware. So why not use it for the good? To produce just such an original chandelier we will need:

    • Five-liter plastic bottle;
    • Several packs of disposable plastic spoons;
    • Wire;
    • Lamp bulbs;
    • Energy saving lamp.

    As for tools, please be glue gun, screwdriver, stationery knife, wire cutters. Let's start with the preparatory phase of the work.

    So the first step – cut at the bottom of the plastic bottle using stationery knife. Next cutters Bite cuttings plastic spoons.

    Then cut plastic spoon begins to stick closely to the plastic base. For this you need a gun to hot glue to stick the spoon should be reduced. Each row of spoons should close the previous half, so as not to be seen the foundations of the bottle.

    Then you need to glue 9 spoons in one ring and secure good design hot glue. Through the neck of the bottle holder is passed, then you can safely stick decorative ring. Lamp need to use energy-efficient, it does not heat up like incandescent bulbs, which means that your home-made chandelier longer retain its appeal.

    How to make a chandelier with his hands. The ideas and options.

    Homemade chandeliers with solid foundation

    First of all, you need to think about what will be the basis for future chandelier or lamp shade – These may be metal hoops or hoops, fixing of old chandeliers, thick wire. Decorative elements may be attached fishing line or a thin wire (such as that used for weaving beads). Jewellery can be different – lace, bugle beads, corrugated paper and much more.

    The chandelier made of fabric or lace . for its manufacture, you will need the aforementioned solid frame. After that, cut out a piece of fabric for the body – cutting width should match the diameter of your frame, but can be any length. You can visually lengthen the chandelier using braid, lace, smoothed frills, tassels and fringe, which is made of sturdy thread.

    How to make a chandelier with his hands. The ideas and options.

    The top edge of the fabric is folded, ironed and baste so that there is a space in which, after prodenete frame. If the one-piece frame, you can safely sheathe his material, and then let the side seam. If your choice fell on a light thin fabric, it is desirable to weight, or a chandelier will keep bad form – You can stick to the inside of the cardboard bumpers or insert wire ring.

    No less interesting looks and chandelier made of lace: for this you need to contact several shades of lace, good starch and sew them together.

    The chandelier made of beads or beads . This interior decoration is easy to do. Yarns Bead will strengthen rounded to a hard skeleton. The line with the beads (the same or different) is attached directly to the hoop. The design can get a one-tier or   multi-level   – You can use a few essentials or just cut the line lengths. If you string transparent faceted beads, crystal pendants can simulate.

    How to make a chandelier with his hands. The ideas and options.

    Chandelier with paper butterflies . To create such a delicate and beautiful decoration you need:

    • Figured punch;
    • Thick white paper and tracing paper;
    • Metal frame with a diameter of 35-40 centimeters;
    • Fishing lines, scissors, glue, wire, tulle, cartridge light.

    Getting Started. First of all, it is necessary to make the wire using a metal middle frame cross. The ends of the wires are fixed properly. The base is wrapped fishing line (you can do 15-20 segments, a length of 50-60 centimeters, each of them will later be mounted butterflies). Then proceed to the cutting of butterflies of tracing paper and paper: need 70-80 pieces. If you have decorative punch – great, if not, have patience and cut several wildcard.

    On the line ready butterflies glued with hot glue. To do this, the glue drip onto paper butterflies mate, it is attached to a fishing line and carefully pressed second half of tracing paper. The length of fishing line, which is tied to the central cross, will be the longest, and external – short.

    Thereafter, the central part of the segment is tied tulle, which is formed from a bow, with which you will mount the chandelier from the ceiling. Then you can stretch the wire mount socket and test your artwork for strength.

    Chandelier from threads . Before you begin, check if all you need is available: adhesive balloon firm knitting thread (can be colored) beads.

    Before you start to wind the thread, the balloon is inflated and smeared with a thin layer of cream or petroleum jelly to the thread is not glued to the base. You can use any adhesive – PVA, silicate or office.

    How to make a chandelier with his hands. The ideas and options.

    Each thread is greased with glue – enough to pierce the plastic cup with glue and pass a thread through it. Do not forget to arm gloves and apron so as not to get dirty. Wrap in a chaotic manner, it is possible to use different colored thread to the ball turned out colorful and beautiful. After you have finished reel thread the end of her knotted ball and hung out to dry. Mainly for the complete drying of the missing days. It is not necessary to dry the ball on the battery or near heat sources, or a rubber ball can break or deform. After drying crafts gently deflate the ball and takes it. The finished product can be decorated with beads or beads, and then thread the bowl and screw the light bulb.

    These are simple, but very beautiful models of luminaires can be done by hand – enough to show imagination and patience.

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