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    How to fix the wiring. Instructions.

    How to fix the wiring. Instructions. 1. How to find a place of breakage of cord? In order not to cut the wire in different places, you must do this: connect through a defective appliance (iron, tile and so on. F.), And then turn on the radio in the medium range. Now take the cord in his hands and fingers from the beginning to the end. When you touch the break from the receiver hear a crackling.

    2. Use the transistor radio can be found in the wall hidden track wiring. To this end, an outlet to include some faint noise source, such as an electric razor with disconnected Noise Filter. The receiver is set up in the medium range (but not at the station) and begin to drive them along the wall. When crossing the tracks crackle from the speaker wiring will increase.

    3. To flush often use aluminum wire in vinyl chloride insulation. It breaks easily. Oblomov in a remote place the wire can be lengthened.

    On a piece of wire slightly smaller diameter than the wire break is wound tightly, turn to turn, an extension cord - also made of aluminum. Then, the resulting spiral as the nut firmly screwed onto the end of the broken wire. The junction is isolated.

    4. Not always possible clean electrically from the plastic insulation, without damaging the wire. To avoid this, first bend the wire and gently push the edge knife in the insulation. The insulation layer disperse before the blade touches the metal. Thereafter, isolation easily removed with pliers. Remove the plastic insulation from the wire without damaging it, you can use an aluminum clothesline clothespins. Her lips saw through two holes, put them in the tip wires, squeeze the clothespin with your fingers and pull the wire with force.

    5. The paint from the surface of a thin wire (diameter of 0.2 mm or less) will remove Soldering: wire resting on a wooden stand, several times share it with hot sting. Under the influence of high temperature paint immediately goes to the wire surface.

    6. If the repair of electrical wiring at hand was not an adhesive tape, the rescue polyethylene. Wrap the wire ribbon of polyethylene film, melt it with fire and matches the heated mass Insulate the connection.

    7. Blown bulb in the chandelier, floor lamp or wall lights. Unscrew it and replace - it is trifling. But do not do it with your bare hands. Lamp base is often so tightly screwed into the socket, that when you try to unscrew the lamp bulb is broken it. Protect yourself from possible injury in such cases will help worthless rubber ball, clipped, so that it can be put on the lamp bulb. When replacing a blown light bulb, it still broke, do not rush float wire cutters or pliers. In many cases, it is able to turn the lamp base with a piece of soap. Of course, you need to take precautions: turn off the lights and turn the plug.

    8. Sometimes the power cord appliance should be kept near the plug, that at any moment turn on the unit. For this purpose it is convenient to apply the simplest of holder clothespins clothesline. Clothespin attached with screws to the wall near the outlet between the clamps and insert the power cord.

    9. Products sometimes so fast freeze to the bottom of the evaporator refrigerator that manages to pull them off with great difficulty. Suffice it to the bottom of the evaporator to put plastic wrap, and products will no longer freeze him.

    10. In particularly hot days, sometimes refrigerators fail in their duties, and the chamber is zero temperature. Refrigerators can help by putting a small fan behind it so that the jet air enters the condenser on.

    11. From the chatter and noise of the motor old refrigerator can be eliminated in the following manner. We must take the rubber tourniquet, a bandage or a tube coil entwine one compressor and secure with tension both ends of the side walls of the refrigerator. Vibration compressor is reduced, drop and noise.

    12. Cracks on the inside door panel of a refrigerator is better just plug the glue for polystyrene. Thin cracks will be overwritten by a finger dipped in glue. Long-impose a one-two layers of fabric impregnated glue, then carefully smooth and patch will be overwritten.
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