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    Connecting the chandeliers and lamps

    Usually in the junction box has a hook on which hung a chandelier or lamp. The hook is screwed into the plastic box. Over time, the plastic loses its strength and luster may fall. So before you hang a chandelier is best prosverdlit new hole in the terminal box so that the anchor came up at the ceiling, after outlining the place to avoid the wire and screw it into the hook.

    The junction box can be a lot of wires. We need to find only three: zero and two-phase wire after the switch, if the switch is a double. And one phase after the switch, if the switch is single.

    1. Chandelier.
    2. Box connections.
    3. Two - rocker switch.
    4. Terminals.
    0 - zero - conductors black, white or blue.
    ~ F - Phase - wires of another color.

    Turn switch - one key. Put the screwdriver on the expected indicator wire. Screwdriver indicator lit, the phase wire from the switch is found.

    Turn off the switch. Again, put a screwdriver indicator on the same wire. Indicator lights screwdriver. Repeat the steps two times to make sure that the wire is found correct.
    Likewise, looking for a second phase conductor of the second key.
    now looking for zero (blue wire, white or black).
    indicator Put the screwdriver on the expected zero. Indicator lights screwdriver. This is a zero. And so
    found zero or one and two phase conductors in the junction box, which go after the switch.

    Turn off the power. We hang a chandelier or lamp on the hook. The chandelier lamp has three wires. All the wires of different colors. Zero (black, white or blue). And we have to connect to the neutral wire in the junction box. Two phase conductors chandeliers are connected to two phase conductors in the junction box. Sometimes there is a fourth wire - zhёltozelenogo is a grounding color. If the same is in the junction box - connect them together.
    All wires are interconnected by a chandelier-Clem.
    to connect chandeliers and lamps need a tool.

    If the ceiling is necessary to drill

    necessary to choose a location for drilling is that it did not fall in the direction of the switches and wires In the next room (our builders great magicians). Pay attention to the distribution box wires (there under the ceiling). In any case, at 3-4 cm can easily deepen. The second point - do not forget the upper cut down electricity. Just in case. The third point. Generally, in new houses, the top layer of loose ceiling tiles can not be said about the deeper layers. Therefore, to avoid havoc ceiling completely, use a good punch, which you from the first time all perform. Even if you are afraid to go deep, organize a 2-pin (dowel) in the ceiling, and between them throw the jumper. The load is distributed between them. And further. Builders are rarely what they are doing is not at right angles. Those. Wire likely lie well-defined manner. Generally, there are special priborchiki to determine the flush: any wires on which the current flows, creating interference. Older receivers pinpointing them well, if you bring a closer look. The light should be turned on.
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