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    Cable systems Quintela

    Not every field there are brands whose name became synonymous with the product name. Cable systems are not as massive goods to one of the marks on the market could become an icon of the segment. However, there are brands that have won the hearts of installers, quality, reliability. Disappearing from the market, they are not erased from the memory specialists remain the benchmark for the next generation of cable systems. And now imagine electrician with experience, who after a few years, sees this product among many other brands of cable channels and systems. It fills a pleasant feeling of meeting with old-friend, so to whom, despite the long separation, you can always rely on. Something like this can be described as a sudden feeling.

    Cable systems Quintela again in Russia Serie Quintela Classic and Direct 45 is fully compatible with any standard 45x45 mm electrical equipment. Supplied with a complete set of accessories: caps with screws for fixing the most robust at the end of the cable channel; internal and external adjustable angle; flat angle with special base, facilitates installation and prevents the break cable. On the basis of cable channels applied perforation for ease of mounting to the wall.

    The use of new technological solutions in the cable channel Direct 45 series allows the installation of wiring accessories in the standard 45x45 mm cable channel without using calipers, a direct snap. The obvious advantages of this solutions – ease and speed of installation of electrical equipment in the cable channel. In addition, the refusal of purchase expensive calipers defines financial benefits of using Direct 45. Aesthetic perception Direct 45 samples is also superior to other cable channels: due to the lack of supports projecting cable TV Series 45 Direct harmoniously integrated into the interior space.

    In addition, the series is provided with a lock 45 Direct Normaclip , which give added strength fixing wiring accessories and gently close the section of the channel, cropped during installation. Direct Series 45 is available in three sizes, which complement each other, extending the functionality and scope.   Direct 45 with a cross section 50x50 mm, despite the tiny size, allows you to mount electrical standard 45x45 mm. The most common size of cable channels to organize workplaces in small and medium in size represented 45 Direct c-section 100x50 mm. The most capacious cable channel series Direct 45   130h50 mm in size allows to install wiring accessories in 2 rows and equipped with two lids.
    Cable systems Quintela again in Russia Quintela Classic is designed for the installation of electrical equipment in the classical way using calipers. Quintela offers calipers at 2, 4 and 6 modules that can be used in cable ducts Classic Series in four sizes: 85h50, 100x50, and 130h50 160h50mm.

    Flexible and compact series of cable channels of small cross sections Quintela Mini. Quintela Mini – This 6 sizes from 15x10 mm to 40x40 mm and a complete set of accessories for them. A number of design features mini-channels Quintela provides them an advantage over similar products. The side wall of the base mini-channels are bent inwards firmly fixing the cables during installation and reducing the pressure on the cable cover during operation. Optimum design of the lock lid Series Mini facilitates assembly and disassembly of cable channels and eliminates its spontaneous disconnection. The back of the mini-channels, longitudinal incision, which allows users to edit   mini-channels in the glue.
    Comfortable and aesthetic solutions for office premises, office and exhibition centers – columns and mini-columns Quintela, made of aluminum. They are represented by both a cover for the installation of electrical equipment   with only one hand, and with two lids – for two-way installation. Installation of wiring accessories into the aluminum columns and mini-columns is as simple as in the cable TV series Direct 45 – placed, pressed, he snapped. No carriages, no other additional equipment is required. Mini-columns are two types of restrictions on the height of 0.36 m and 0.68 m. The columns have a minimum height of 2.7 m and 3.7 m, and more versatile: thanks to the possibility of the telescopic extension of up to one meter in height, they can adapt to different ceiling height within 4.7 m.
    When designing office space is increasingly preferred device installation in floor boxes. Reliable, discreet solution allows to maximize the useful space, while reducing the presence of electric cables on the exposed surface. Quintela floor boxes can be mounted in false floors, and the floors flooded with additional mounting boxes. Electrical equipment can be easily installed in the box direct snap. Quintela floor boxes are available with fixed depth of 65 mm and an adjustable depth of 75-100 mm. They can accommodate from 3 to 24 units of devices. Covers floor boxes are manufactured for outdoor installation indoor – stainless steel, and under carpeting.

    Cable systems Quintela again in Russia

    Floor ducts Quintela perfectly assembled with aluminum columns and mini-columns, as well as cable TV series Direct 45 and Classic. They have three internal compartments and have a high impact resistance. Two sizes of floor cable channels – 50h12 and 75h18 mm mm – and a complete set of corners and connecting accessories are expanding their scope. Floor channels Quintela with section 75h18 mm can be equipped with plastic or aluminum cover to choose from. Components with aluminum cover as much as possible adapted for use in the interior in the style of high-tech.

    No matter the series and model of cable systems Quintela are easy and quick installation, high performance and well thought-out aesthetic integration of systems in the interior. For their production of high-quality materials – aluminum and self-extinguishing PVC plastic, – can best protect the user in case of unforeseen situations, such as fire.

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