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    Built-in vacuum cleaner. Made with the mind

    We have become accustomed to the   built-in appliances: washing machine, oven, refrigerator, grill and even a   coffeemakers. They are comfortable, beautiful, save the free area, and   an excellent job with their responsibilities. Now there is also   a built-in vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner that does not need to drag along. Simply plug the hose into   outlet. Vacuum cleaner, which provides 100% dedusting. Extremely quiet in the   work. It is useful in asthma and   allergies to household dust. If you still do not know what it is   - read this article.

    With different attachments   - as in   a conventional vacuum cleaner. But the length of the hose can reach 11 meters   - so it was convenient to get out of the   the farthest corners of the apartment. This hose is made of special material resistant to   damage. It weighs much lighter anyone's smallest, vacuum cleaner. On his arm is a switch, resulting in cleaner   the action.

    mounted in   the wall looks like a regular electrical outlet. To   It is brought is in   the wall of the duct through which the dust falls into   the power unit. The   inoperative wall inlet valve tightly closed. Insert into   outlet cleaning hose, you automatically completes the electrical contacts   - and   the vacuum cleaner is ready to   work. From one outlet can be cleaned in the area of ​​60-70 meters. It turns out that such a vacuum cleaner is not necessary to drag along. All with   what you're dealing with,   - hose   outlet. It is convenient and   to   a city apartment (even in the   a standard two-bedroom, only one wall inlet), not to mention the   cottages   - it can be installed on the outlet on each floor, and   are no longer engaged in lifting and   lowering of loads.

    Internal ducts
    Plastic pipes of small diameter, which connect the wall inlet (or more sockets) with   powertrain. Plastic imbued with special additives that reduce the likelihood of static electricity to prevent dust from adhering to the internal surfaces of pipes. Ducts can be internal, built in   the wall, floor or ceiling. And   external, placed in the   a special box (it can be laid on the site of the baseboards).

    resembles a small gap in the   the wall at floor level. To   it also carried out air duct. It is enough to sweep away the rubbish to the   shovels and   press the foot pedal   - a shovel will work like a small vacuum cleaner. This is especially useful when cleaning highly contaminated places: in the kitchen,   the hallway   - and   in general, wherever the floor is covered with tiles, linoleum or parquet floors.

    This is the main operating unit of the vacuum cleaner. It is located on the balcony, in the   closet, basement, any other utility room that ensures the absence of noise during cleaning. You can do it, even if the   room sleeps small child. All he could hear,   - a pleasant rustling of wind in a dream.

    stationary power unit allows you to put in the central vacuum cleaner more powerful engine, which would be too heavy for a mobile vacuum cleaner.

    join the   Powertrain   launched into the street. Through him, the exhaust air is removed from the   minute invisible dust filters are not delayed. This most harmful dust , which in cleaning conventional vacuum cleaner is thrown back into the   room and   to   due to its ease of hanging in the   air   for a few hours, freely penetrating into   the lungs, causing allergy house dust. Here it is easy and   discreetly displayed on the street, where he became friendly at the expense of natural treatment systems.

    With built-in vacuum cleaning are not only clean the surface, but also   air in   the apartment. For people with   are allergic to dust room   - this is the optimal solution. A   healthy appreciate such effects of inhalation of fresh air, as the improvement of health, strengthen immunity, increase efficiency.

    turns the vacuum cleaner without the drawbacks: comfortable, quiet, light, efficient? Perhaps. The only thing that can stop you for a while on the way to   health and   comfort   - best to install a vacuum cleaner during construction or repair. So it will be easier to hide ducts and   place the wall inlet to   your destination. But even if you just finished a major overhaul, you can embed a vacuum cleaner. It is painless for the new interior. And   to live not just in the   the beautiful, and   to   the beautiful and   a healthy home.

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