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    The use of non-woven geotextiles in the country construction

    Geotextile or geotextile (Dornit) - a product of the synthetic non-woven production, which represents a material with high resistance to temperature fluctuations, as well as other positive properties, so indispensable in the cottage building. This immunity to many chemical elements, combustion and decay. Dorn did not also subject to the formation of mold.

    The nonwoven geotextile, that is created by temperature and mechanical action on the web material is widely used. Non-woven fabric Dornit in drainage work leads to a rapid conclusion the excess moisture, those being the most important factor in saving drainage systems. The nonwoven geotextiles allows not only to strengthen the slopes and embankments, by curbing soil erosion, but due to its structure to increase the height of the object.
    Geo-textile-based nonwoven fabrics to create decorative ponds which prevents casing is between the ground and the artificial surface of the pond. In this case, the material performs the function of the drainage system.

    Nonwovens and indispensable for various types of road work in the cottage building. Suppose you want to track time - geotextile laid on the base and covered with a layer of soil, not only prevents the penetration of the two covers, and evenly distribute the load on the vehicle. The material retains effectively ground at the uniform gap, increasing resistance to various types of loads on the surface.

    The nonwoven geotextile has a high anti-erosion property, it can be used to strengthen the coastal line. Cloth Dornit counteracts the pressure of coastal long stopping the erosion of the coastline.

    Due to its multi-functionality of nonwoven materials are widely available on the market. A wide range of suppliers to choose the desired option will allow not only on price but also on the region of delivery. Buy geotextiles can be like the next world and domestic manufacturers of geotextiles, for example, " Sibur ", a group of companies " Miaka ", " Slavros ", " Evrodor ", " PlastTehno " etc.

    Foreign manufacturers of non-woven geotesktilya, Taypar, DuPount, fibertex, Teggam and Geobel. These nonwovens are made by heat treatment, which makes these manufacturers geotektsil more durable.

    In conclusion, I would say that is very easy to buy a geotextile, exactly how to apply the matter, but the benefits of this infinitely more!

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