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    For every company Hauraton weather is good!

    If you notice after rain damage to the foundation and the destruction of the blind area, you have a flooded basement and around the building mud and puddles, if you get your feet wet while walking after the rain - so during the construction has not been established surface water drainage system.
    At the present time all the technology removal of water from the surface, which have long been used successfully in Europe, have become available with us. Moreover, many customers realize that the surface water drainage system must always lay at the design stage.

    To help sort out this issue prepared German company Hauraton , which is one of the European leaders in the development and production of surface drainage systems.
    Established in the 50s group Companies Hauraton has gained a solid reputation as the developer and supplier of high-quality products. Products Group Hauraton, which consists of two industrial enterprises employing more than 250 people, is available in most of the world.

    A wide range of drainage channels of fiber-reinforced concrete or high-density polyethylene plastic trough), along with at least a wide range of gratings from ductile cast iron, galvanized and stainless steel, as well as a variety of assistive devices will be the best solution virtually any tasks to drain as the small size of land plots, as well as large industrial zones. Regardless of the size of the area drained Hauraton company is ready to give the customer the best solution for the effective removal of surface water.

    Products Hauraton can be installed at different sites, such as pedestrian areas, sidewalks, parking lots, houses, petrol station, car wash, transport terminals, ports, stadiums, airports and many others. Special attention from the list of products Hauraton Series deserves Faserfix, Recyfix and Dachfix.

    Concrete channels Faserfix are made of fiber-reinforced concrete and have high strength (class F 900, inclusive), high frost resistance, resistance to salt used in the road sector, sunlight and low temperatures, and they are easier to conventional concrete channels, which greatly simplifies installation. In addition to horizontal channels it is also offered with an emphasis 0,62.

    Plastic channels Recyfix are made of 100% pure high-density polyethylene. Extremely low weight, high stability and durability (class F 900, inclusive), the absolute chemical resistance, resistance to high temperatures (from -40 & deg; C to 60 & deg; C), a zero impact on the environment - all this makes a series Recyfix especially popular among customers. Strikes and a huge range of sizes - Internal width of the channel varies from 100 to 300 mm and a height of 60 to 381 mm. At the bottom and on the side walls of the channels there are several options for the location of holes for attaching to pipes, diverting water into the sewage system, which also seriously facilitates installation. In 2005, Hauraton has pleased its customers by releasing a novelty - a shallow-draft canal Recyfix height of only 60 or 80 mm.

    Fixing gratings to the channels and Faserfix Recyfix can in two ways - using latches or vandal-proof locking system boltless fastening SIDE-LOCK (know-how Hauraton).

    In both series and Faserfix Recyfix channels except Standard (for objects with low loads), the company Hauraton offers channels of Super, which were originally equipped with steel nozzles and anchors. Thanks to the ability to withstand enormous loads, Super Channels can be installed at sites with higher requirements for operation.

    Separately want to pay attention to the lawn lattice Recyfix (for loads up to 200 t/m 2). This product has appeared recently in our market and is already in great demand. This product is designed for installation on parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and is the ideal solution for the arrangement of different areas for the city, the house and garden.

    For the removal of water in the parking garage, the company Hauraton offers Channels Park, which is ideal for underground and multi-storey car parks due to the low height products.

    to divert water from the exploited roofs and terraces used TV series Dachfix, made of galvanized or stainless steel.

    Among the vast range of products, and also has a Sport program that includes special channels designed to divert water from the sports facilities.

    designers and architects specializing in landscape design, especially enjoy the garden curbs series Linefix, which serve to distinguish the different surface areas.

    All products company Hauraton have the necessary European and certificates of conformity and hygiene. In its policy, the company Hauraton always guided by the interests of consumers, and that this approach, along with the presence of their highly skilled personnel employed design activity, provided the group of companies Hauraton stable leading position in the development of surface drainage systems.

    In conclusion, I want to warn the dear readers from buying cheap imitations, which began to appear on the market in recent years. Without adequate quality and certificates, these products can bring after its installation a lot of trouble to those professionals who still venture to work with her.

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