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    Drainage and everything connected with it

    Imagine how could look like your city, if there was no drainage. Spring snowmelt and summer rains and autumn long rains could turn it into a rather unattractive and sad place. Basements flooded with water from the swollen waters foundations of houses and yards with occasional boring tatty trees.

    Of course, this bleak picture seems absurd, and all because for many centuries ago, people have come up with a system of diversion from their homes excess water. At first they were simple trenches, then the gutter, lined with tiles & hellip; And now, at different points of the city, in the streets and squares, near the houses and lawns around we see a flea lattice absorbing flood waters and not giving it to stagnate after the rains.

    Storm drains are particularly important in areas of high permeability and increased traffic flow. Without these systems do any one gas station, parking lot or highway. All transport and freight terminals, airports, ports, warehouses, sports complexes and businesses compulsorily equipped with guttering, since it is one of the most important conditions for their smooth functioning.

    A well designed and installed on-site showers drainage prolongs its operation, protecting against premature aging and destruction. It also helps to ensure the smooth operation of sports and leisure facilities, and on motorways and in airports on its reasonableness depends the safety of people.

    Of course, for each object you need to think about their system, taking into account the peculiarities of its location, the daily load and other factors. For example, areas with a large transport and cargo flows differ demanding drainage system - a large volume of water withdrawn and the increased load on the roadway. Therefore, the main criteria for choosing the elements of the drainage system will be bandwidth, resistance to stress and cost.

    According to the characteristics of the first two questions arise: almost every serious company, specializing in the production of such systems, the product offers everything for the drainage of any class. Find the good products at an affordable price is much more complex: though imported goods are of high quality and their value makes consumers think seriously.

    Products of manufacturers are becoming more popular in the domestic market. According to the characteristics of their products price - a better deal than the products of foreign companies. And the need to achieve high quality dictated by the market and its laws.

    As an example, the company, which is a serious competition to foreign firms can lead. The company develops and manufactures products for drainage and surface drainage since 2005, and has already gained a reputation for high quality products, reliable and trustworthy partner.

    On the quality and effectiveness of the company's products " Gidrolika " They speak not only the official certificates and conclusions. Positive feedback from numerous customers of the company and its dealers confirm the reliability of the company and its goods.

    What, then, are linear drainage systems? At the organization of in-depth gutter for collection and transportation of water used three types of materials.


    Plastic tray are made from high-strength polymer with the addition of special stabilizers. The latter is necessary to improve the stability of the material to aggressive media, which so often encountered in everyday life. Special formulations to prevent freezing in the winter snow, chemical solutions used in warehouses and factories, plastic channels are not terrible. This lightweight, wear-resistant, cold-resistant and easy to install products that are ideal for use in areas with load class from A to C. A steel reinforced plastic nozzles channels can be operated in places with class D - petrol stations, car parks, transportation terminals, in industrial areas. The cost of such channels refers to the average price category.


    Concrete channels with thick walls made by vibrocompression and reinforced with metal edges, holds up to the E-Class. Channels of the concrete can be used in private construction (it is better to select A- or B-Class), and the organization of drainage on highways, warehouses, industrial plants.            


    polymer concrete channels from a natural filler (granite and quartz) associated with synthetic resin, the most durable and long-lasting of all. They are used in all types of guttering from the lowest A-Class to the highest load class F900. Reinforcing iron piping allows such private channels to withstand dynamic loads up to 55 tons and reliable service for decades. They can be installed in areas with extreme loads on the cover - on the ground, warehouses, freight terminals, both along and across the traffic. Polymer concrete channels most expensive, but they justify their price.


    The device point drainage (recessed inlets, collecting moisture and pipes deducing it into storm sewers) are used plastics and cast iron. Plastic drain boxes are good for residential buildings with a minimum load, and in areas with road traffic are installed only cast iron products.

    From the material from which pipes are made, the time depends on their efficient operation. But do not forget that the drainage system the main burden falls on the closing trough decorative and protective grille, and manufacturers are paying attention to this element. The most stable lattice with the highest load class are made of ductile iron. At lower loads, you can use a lattice made of cast iron and steel, copper or plastic.

    Decorative and protective grilles are usually fixed with special clips and clips. But for areas with increased load provided particularly reliable fastening systems to minimize the possibility to play, as well as vandal-proof fastening bolt with a special tool.

    Lattice drainage system reliably protects against external influences, and in addition perform a decorative function. Produced with different forms of holes, variously decorated, lattice fit harmoniously into the general background of the design of streets, parks and gardens, sports and industrial zones. With this choice, the objects where are installed drainage system will not only functional, but also beautiful.

    Until recently, the market of drainage systems was presented in the main products of foreign manufacture. Leading positions occupied by large manufacturers elements of drainage systems and surface drainage - ACO and German companies Hauraton.

    But now domestic manufacturers rush to offer consumers their products, thereby making competition already well-known brands. Developers and manufacturers of gutter and drainage systems not only produce goods of European quality, but also to implement it on a much more favorable conditions than their foreign counterparts.

    How did the young producers were able to gain a foothold in this market segment? Accounting for the specifics of conditions drainage - a huge advantage, estimated domestic consumers. No one knows all the nuances and the most pleasant " local " surprises as people living a long time. Drain systems are manufactured, tested in the toughest conditions and the most adapted to them. No less weighty reason for existence is to the interest of domestic goods is their significantly lower price. In many ways it is achieved through low cost and, of course, there is no need for significant transport costs. If quality is not inferior to the quality of imported counterparts, adaptation to conditions and low price are the decisive arguments in favor of domestic producers.

    Perhaps the only reason for seeking foreign suppliers of goods could be a greater choice of products. But is it worth looking for something exotic and it is unknown when the company " Gidrolika " already offers a wide range of elements of the drainage system and drainage. The catalog of products for use in the particular construction and in areas of increased load.

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