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    Imagine how could look like your city, if there was no drainage. Spring snowmelt and summer rains and autumn long rains could turn it into a rather unattractive and sad place. Basements flooded with water...
    The German company Hauraton is recognized as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of surface water drainage systems for areas of different functional purpose: hiking and parks, sports fields of roads, parking of vehicles, filling stations,...
    Fixing gratings for concrete troughs and plastic can in two ways - by fixing the new vandal-proof latches or boltless fastening system SIDE-LOCK (know-how Hauraton). Let's look at the main features and...
    If you notice after rain damage to the foundation and the destruction of the blind area, you have a flooded basement and around the building mud and puddles, if you get your feet wet while...
    In our country the precipitation - a common phenomenon that occurs with surprising regularity throughout the year. In summer it is a short heavy showers, incessant rains in the fall and winter is usually accompanied...
    Perhaps, almost every argument, arrived in the spring to the country or leaving a gloomy autumn morning on the porch of his suburban home to discover that move around entrusted to you by right of...
    The construction of various facilities and the development of residential and industrial areas — important area of ​​expansion and development of modern settlements. Now, when the needs of the inhabitants of cities and suburban settlements...
    Various human waste for centuries removed in different ways. The simplest and most effective way to become ancient times hydroremoval – removal of waste water flow. However, the content of domestic and industrial waste water...
    System of tap of precipitation from the site – One of the important points that should think at the early stages of design and construction. Otherwise, future costs will be significantly higher. ...
    In the vast territory of clearly manifests the difference types of climate. Any one of them throughout the year is accompanied by precipitation of different types and intensity: the spring and summer rains spill over...
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