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    Hallway - a calling card of the house. Just like the old saying goes " the theater begins with a hanger " apartment begins with the entrance hall. It should be not only elegant and...
    More and more owners of suburban areas prefer to use their cottage as a place to rest. For this it is necessary to equip the territory in such a way that it is aesthetically pleasing...
    Quite often it happens that already prepared a nice, cozy, warm, reliable and just love getting small for the growing family. Sometimes the farm begins badly miss another garage or carport, or terrace becomes...
    At present, a large number of organizations involved in the construction, which for its operation have a special license for the implementation of construction projects with the activities issued by the authority of the...
    Currently, ISO 9000 certification is an increasingly sought-after customers and partners, as the availability of the document - a guarantee of stability and respectability of the company. Therefore, more and more companies providing construction...
    Garden Design has more than 8 thousand years. During this time, formed certain styles of gardens, each of which is a reflection of its era. Currently, there are several key areas of landscape art....
    Since the beginning of 2010 has changed the conditions of construction and control. Control over the quality of construction and compliance with deadlines will now conduct themselves construction companies. However, the legislation provides a list...
    Construction documents are among the most complex technical documentation, which is governed by special rules and standards. There are all sorts of rules and regulations by which all building work carried out, as well as...
    In 2010, at the legislative level were adopted some amendments to the Town Planning Code. According to these amendments, the construction industry plays a decisive role SRO (self-regulatory organizations). They are an essential tool for...
    Before building any object, especially such a large and versatile as a shopping center, of course, the need to develop his project. The design of the shopping center has a variety of features. The basis...
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