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    Spring - time of enormous change and general recovery. This is especially true in the construction. Burle and strive to embody the dream of building their own home. And often the fantasies of the "...
    Foundations are bearing part of the building and are designed to transmit the load from the upstream structures on the base (ground). From the reliable operation of the bases to a large extent depend on...
    If the house is built on dry soils, it is desirable that it was Basement or high-operated underground.   When you strip foundation and basement ceiling this decision is justified, not only structurally,...
    Cap Types The wall enclosing the outside of the underground space of the house, called socket . When you strip foundation is usually a cap its upper part, above the surface of the earth,...
    By appointment walls are external and internal, and the perception of stress — structural and non. Depending on the materials used walls conditionally divided into the following types: wood from logs, lumber,...
    Logging for log and cobbled walls is desirable to perform in winter, when the wood is less susceptible to shrinkage, rot and warping. For walls cut pine trees with a straight trunk...
    The basis of the frame wall is load-bearing timber frame with double-sided sheet paneling or molded material. The outer walls of the interior space is filled with insulation.   As consumption of materials and labor...
    Brick - strong and durable material. The wall thickness of 25 cm (one brick) can carry any load evenly distributed, occurring in single-storey houses on the upstream structures, including the concrete floors. The service...
    Based on local aggregate (slag, brick fight, sawdust, reed, straw, etc.) and inorganic binders (cement, lime, gypsum, clays) are derived lightweight concrete suitable for walls of low-rise buildings.   Slag   The population has...
    In rural houses Ground floor, intercommunication and attic floors are usually satisfied with the wooden beams.   Dimensions beams The cross-section beams take, depending on the width of the overlapped span the distance between the beams,...
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