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    The strength of masonry depends on the quality of the solution. Solutions need to be carefully selected, t. E. Dosing Components — binder (usually clay) and a filler (sand); water taken in all cases,...
    Masonry — is a construct that consists of stones laid in a certain order on the mortar. It bears the load of its own weight and the weight resting on her other structural elements, and...
    Brick – This block of baked clay as it interprets the dictionary DN Ushakov. In everyday terms, it most demanded, humane, and practical material for housing. Even the uninitiated know that “ fired clay brick...
    - How to save on construction of the building? (cement, sand, time,   the work) - What should be used to save on finishing   materials? - How to get clean, with good air exchange building? -...
    The rheological properties of the concrete mix Concrete mixes called rational composed and thoroughly mixed concrete components to start the process of setting and hardening. A concrete mixture is determined based on the requirements...
    Cement - hydraulic binder while agitating with water and curing for a certain period in the air or the water is converted into water-insoluble material. For heavy concrete used Portland cement and its variants, as...
    Reinforced concrete – artificial building material, which are connected in a monolithic whole steel reinforcement and concrete. In modern construction, this " Union " is extremely widespread, it is not surprising – after concrete has...
      General requirements for the installation of concrete floor are: used concrete is not lower than the M-300; Delta thickness of the concrete screed must not exceed 3 – 5 cm. Otherwise it is...
    The difference between the production of paving tiles by dry volume vibrocompression (used offered on the machines) and injection molding technology. Characteristics of product obtained by vibrocompression : ...
    That that today concrete – It is the « used » building material, is an indisputable fact. By the concrete number of requirements, which are often impossible to perform without the use of...
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