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    In the life of every person plays an important role the interior of the room in which he spends a lot of time. Significant impact it has on performance, well-being and mood. Simplified, standardized...
    1st way of pasting the ceiling Ceilings can paste over conventional (classical) wallpaper. The advantages of this method of repair are obvious: you can repair the ceiling independently and implement as soon as possible, it...
    Repair ceiling, as well as any repairs associated with a long and laborious process. It moves all the furniture and belongings, the floor covered with newspapers. Working for many days or even weeks on...
    Remember how it was. Putty, lime, latex paint, whitewash. The result is always the same: rovnenky (more or less), little white ceiling - the most familiar, quiet option. New times have brought new technology finishing...
    Ceilings - One of the most interesting decorative materials.   The idea of ​​modern suspended ceilings was born in the sixties. But most of this kind of finishing the ceiling was in Europe...
    Today, manufacturers suspended ceilings offer a great variety of them. By type of films are distinguished ten invoices, including metallic, marble, lacquer, Matt ceilings, glossy ceilings and others.   Each...
    One of the most essential details that determine the appearance of any room - the ceiling. High-quality finishing of the ceiling gives the room an extra comfort and elegance. Of the many types of...
    Whitewashing the ceiling is one of the easiest ways of painting and decorating and the best option to several refresh the appearance of the apartment. Preparing to whitewash the ceiling   Just before, ...
    For two weeks I stayed at home. Ill. And okay, I would throw all affairs because of serious illness – flu there or a pneumonia. And it is ridiculous to say – fallen down exhausting...
    recently amended the bell rang, and demanding woman's voice on the other end said sternly: « That you wrote about different ceilings. I do not argue, it's interesting. But I did not understand which one...
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