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    WALLPAPERS loom   Cloth - a material versatile in its use. Its flexibility, mobility, ability to take almost any form can create fantastic images. Sheathe the walls with a cloth - not a new idea. Fabric...
    Pasting wall wallpaper - for the layman rather difficult task, requiring patience and meticulous. Therefore, before proceeding with the case, carefully thought-out plan, prepare all the necessary tools and materials. You will need:...
      On the market today there is a whole group of wallpaper with deep embossed patterns, which does not have multi-colored pattern. This wallpaper got an interesting name — paintable wallpaper or structural....
      To without much hassle and high costs to completely change the interior, enough to stick the new wallpaper. Without a doubt, this is the " People ", the most popular method of wall decoration....
    Wallpaper for walls , perhaps, the most accessible, cheapest and easiest way to make the house comfortable. Of all the interior decoration means they play a major role. It is only necessary to buy gototovy...
    What is drywall? Ten years ago we did not know what the drywall. When decoration elegance and expressiveness achieved by using good old plaster and stucco. Now, designers, architects, builders only wonder: how did they could...
    Today it is hard to imagine without drywall repair. With these light, environmentally friendly sheets easily erected new walls, cladding and there hang suspended ceilings. However, the reliability of the new design will directly depend...
    Technology wallpapering is not a big deal, but still must comply with several recommendations. How to hang wallpaper. Stages wallpapering. 1. First of all, you need to prepare the wall for gluing: all the cracks and...
    Dialers Panel (or patterned rack panels , as they are called) are long strips are mainly the following dimensions: width 125 - 300 mm, length 2400 - 3700 mm, thickness 8...
    There are of gold plates golden fork is not only pleasant, elegant, but also useful. Apart from the symbolic and the commercial value of gold, the metal that is most practical in terms of hygiene....
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