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      When the summer is coming closer and closer, it means that soon many of us think about how to get rid of from the heavy, stuffy air in your home. Open wide the window...
    If " get some fresh air " you go out into the street, and returning home first of all open windows, then a ventilation system in your home may not work well. Usually it is...
    First of all, when choosing a conditioner should pay attention to how optimal price-quality ratio for the model. Do not forget about the technical characteristics. So, let us consider the different brands of air conditioners. This review...
    Throughout its history, humanity has devised ways to improve their own homes. And one of his most important achievements in this area should include the system and accessories, home climate control. Paying tribute to the efforts...
    incomprehensible always causes people anxiety and fear, and the more " Cave " He was a man, the stronger was panic. But today this Neanderthal syndrome is a no-no, and makes itself known, otherwise...
    Every company that wants to stand firmly on their feet, need clean air 1. Economic factors Bars that have a policy of maintaining clean air, they report that: attract new customers (+86%)...
    By the choice of the air conditioner must be treated very seriously by defining in advance the parameters of his home and the alleged place of installation of the device. So you can avoid trouble,...
    The situation when the need to replace the failed air conditioner compressor, in most cases linked to negligence or improper installation and operation of the air conditioner. Very often the service department even detect...
    Central air conditioning systems are called, serve several or one large room. Developed various types of central air conditioners: type PACKAGED, sectional, self-contained, multi-zone central air conditioning. Consider some of them. Air type...
    Knowledgeable people act differently. Even if the ventilation system is not drawn, it will not break. Why, because the situation can be easily corrected using inexpensive supply and exhaust fans , can greatly increase...
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