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    CMC-adhesive One of the most reliable and long-known adhesives for wallpaper paste is prepared based on carboxymethylcellulose, briefly referred to the CMC. In carboxymethylcellulose no coagulation temperature, that is, by dissolving it in hot water...
    This article will be interesting to those who year after year has been fighting with water   in basements or ground floors of their country houses, and often decides to   get rid of...
    It's no secret that good vapor barrier is a house under construction of the most important aspects of modern low-rise building. Of course, in this industry periodically appear new and better building materials. In theory,...
    Types of adhesives for Wallpaper   Today there are many types of adhesives for all kinds of wallpaper. Not always adhesives meet the requirements put forward by them. Some adhesives may very well hold the wallpaper,...
    In violation of waterproofing home immediately begins to break down its thermal insulation walling. In particular this applies to the basement of the walls, floor covering, then the very walls of the building, ceiling and...
    But the situation is complicated by the fact that the orient in this abundance is sometimes not very easy, and even experienced professionals can not always take the right decision regarding the selection of a...
    While the noises you can survive, but transport, music, the neighbor's dog and other terrors can cause a person to literally climb the wall. For all the troubles - one answer: soundproofing.   We believe decibels...
    Waterproofing materials designed to protect building structures from constant exposure in a damp environment, often under the pressure of the water. In this regard, the materials of this group have different properties such as water...
    We are composed of water, and everything around us is made up of water. But sometimes it is so difficult our lives! Especially when the meltwater seeps into the basements of homes, flooded yards and...
    The waterproofing barrier - a second protective layer, is an important structural element of roof pie in the construction of insulated roof slopes. It prevents the penetration of external moisture in a variety of rain: rain,...
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